13 Things We Learned from The Originals 3.10 “A Ghost Along the Mississippi”

Well, well, well.  It’s been a long hiatus. But, I doubt that any one of you could forget the ending of the last episode. Julie Plec and friends just love to set heart-breaking murders to Christmas carols, don’t they? Or… Continue Reading


13 Things We Learned from The Originals 3.05 “The Axeman’s Letter”

So, just what is Aurora’s endgame? Who is more insane, Tristan, Lucien, or Aurora? Let’s see what answers (and more questions) we got with last week’s episode.   1.) Klaus is adorable when he’s in love. And he can be… Continue Reading


The Originals S3 Round Table with TV Fanatic: “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans”

This season of The Originals, I will be joining TV Fanatic’s Round Table Discussion each week. Check out the most recent discussion from last week’s “I’ll See you in Hell or New Orleans”. Here’s a sneak peek: What was your… Continue Reading


The Top 13 (14?) Things We Learned from The Originals “You Hung the Moon”

Hope you’re liking the new “13 Things!” Let’s see now, where were we?  Oh, right, everyone’s still pissed at Klaus, someone’s hunting wolves in the Bayou, Elijah has set up a beautiful spread for Hayley’s one day of humanity this… Continue Reading


The Originals Season 3 Premiere “For the Next Millennium” Top 13 Things We Learned

Welcome back!!! Its been a loooooooong hiatus – almost as long as an Originals’ lifespan it seems – but we are back!! And where do we find our favorite vampires, hybrids, wolves, and witches? Pretty much where we left them.… Continue Reading