The Best Originals Snark From 4.11 “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken”

The Original sibling being together always makes for some good lines. Marcel and Rebekah snarking at each other is always funny. And Josh. Josh always has the best lines.

Let’s get to it, shall we?!

Kol: For a moment, I thought –
Davina: Its ok, I’m still me. Flesh and blood. Alive. For now.
Kol: And linked to that monster. I promise, I’m going to find a way out of this for you.
Davina: She was powerful enough to bring me back from the dead. Kol, you have no idea what we’re up against.
Kol: Hasn’t stopped me before.

Kol: Losing you broke me. I will not stand around and let it happen again.

Davina: You can’t betray your family.
Kol: Its kind of my specialty.


Inadu Hollow: Every second counts, if you want Davina to continue breathing.
Kol: What is it that you need, then? Am I to handle your errands, or your laundry?

Kol: Look, if you want me to put in a good word, that ship has sailed, darling.


Josh: Well, hey there. Uh. Its me again. Hope, uh, all is well where you are. You know I really would love to talk to you about a few . . . hundred things. Like, how Eddie uses this weird baby voice any time he says hi to a random dog. I don’t know. Might be a deal breaker. Or how I finally watched ‘Practical Magic?’ And, you were right. Perfect movie. Or, you know, how freaking much I still miss you.
Marcel: I miss her, too.
Josh: Hey. Next time, we should carpool.


Rebekah: Kol’s coming to watch my back, so you can just scamper off.
Marcel: What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t offer to escort you?

Rebekah: You’re the king of this city, can’t you condemn this dump?

Kol: Totem’s not here. I scoured the house. There’s no sign of it.
Rebekah: You were supposed to wait for me.
Kol: Well, I got bored. And it looks like you got accosted by the local rifraff.


Hope: I don’t want to do this.
Hayley: Are you scared its gonna hurt?
Hope: I’m scared if I do this, and you’re gonna pick a fight.


Klaus: And what about Hope?
Freya: Compel her a nanny.


Kol: Why is her life more important than yours?
Davina: I can’t take a little girl’s mother away from her, Kol.
Kol: Then we just have to find another way to get you out of this. Because there is no way I’m letting you go.


Hayley: How am I here? How are you here?
Jackson: I’m no expert, but I’m guessing you’re going through some sort of psychological break right now. You’ve been through Hell, so your mind took you someplace peaceful. I wanna say I’m flattered you thought of me, figured your happy place would be somewhere with Elijah.


Hope: I’m not supposed to do magic with strangers.
Kol: What? I – I’m family.
Hope: So why did you go away?
Kol: I went away because I was sad. And I thought I would never be happy again. And I didn’t want to make everyone around me sad, too.


Rebekah: No cell service, to call your precious Sonia.
Marcel: Sofya.
Rebekah: Apologies, I can’t be expected to remember the names of wanton trolups.
Marcel: I’m going to ask you nicely to shut the Hell up about her.
Rebekah: You know what? Why don’t we just burn the house down?
Marcel: Don’t be so dramatic.
Rebekah: Dramatic? I’m not running late for a manicure, Marcel.

Klaus: How ironic. Two of the world’s most powerful beings trapped in a magical butterfly net. Tell me you weren’t overwhelmed by some brain-dead witch.
Marcel: No, our biggest mistake was trusting Kol for one second of his life.


Kol: I’d imagine right now you’re rather cross with me. You should know, I have my reasons.
Klaus: Rebekah suggested that I hear them. I’d rather rip out your vocal chords.


Josh: Hey, sorry. We’re closed.
Davina: Well, maybe you can make an exception.


Kol: I need a little more time. I just need to know she’s alive! Please. Grant me this small mercy.
Klaus: Mercy is a privilege reserved for family. Your status has been revoked.


Marcel: We were in love for two centuries, and now we’re setting fires to avoid each other. Alright, what the Hell happened?
Rebekah: I woke up from a dagger nap to find you trying to kill everyone that I love.
Marcel: Your brother ripped my heart out and then tossed my body off a bridge, and I didn’t even see you crying.


Josh: You told me you wanted to be normal.
Davina: You said normal is relative.
Josh: Yeah, well, you’re a twice-resurrected Harvest Girl with an Original-vampire boyfriend. Normal is always going to be relative.

So, Davina and Kol sped out of town in a snazzy car . . . never to be heard from again? Doubtful. I think Davina will be needed to fix this:

But, let’s see what 4.12 “Voodoo Child” brings us, shall we?


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