The Best Originals Snark from 4.10 “Phantomesque”

Having The Original siblings back together can only result in some certified cut-you-to-the-bone zingers, but that wasn’t the only thing going on in this episode.  There were some heart-felt moments, too, and a bromance was re-kindled. All good things! Let’s… Continue Reading


The Best Originals Snark from 4.09 “Queen Death”

This episode was heartbreaking, and yet, I remained kinda indifferent to the “death.” Read why in my Thirteen Things We Learned here. But, as always, there were some zingers, impassioned speeches, one-liners, and just all-together snark.  Here we go! Elijah: You… Continue Reading


13 Things We Learned from The Originals 3.05 “The Axeman’s Letter”

So, just what is Aurora’s endgame? Who is more insane, Tristan, Lucien, or Aurora? Let’s see what answers (and more questions) we got with last week’s episode.   1.) Klaus is adorable when he’s in love. And he can be… Continue Reading


The Originals S3 Round Table with TV Fanatic: “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans”

This season of The Originals, I will be joining TV Fanatic’s Round Table Discussion each week. Check out the most recent discussion from last week’s “I’ll See you in Hell or New Orleans”. Here’s a sneak peek: What was your… Continue Reading


The Originals 2.01 “Rebirth” Recap!! {{SPOILERS}}

You’ve seen all the previews, you’ve picked apart the character portraits (click for Klaus’s, Elijah’s, Cami’s, Davina’s, Hayley’s, and Marcel’s), and now its time for the new season!!!  (And, really, what is up with that naked cat?!) Are you ready?!! Buckle up, because HERE… Continue Reading


The Originals Secrets from the Quarter: An Unblinking Death Recap

Thanks to The CW and AT&T, we continue to get this really awesome post-mortem recap of The Originals episodes called Secrets from the Quarter, hosted by Steve Krueger, joined by Julie Plec and Michael Narducci. They discuss tonight’s episode, and… Continue Reading