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The CW has released the episode stills for The Originals Mid Season Finale titled “Map of Moments” airing December 8th.  Check out the most adorable photos ever! You can read the synopsis for this episode HERE.

The Map of Moments



TVLine’s Ausiello, has some Jaiden scoop for us!!

Question: I am currently baking cookies and one of them will have your name on it if you can give me some Originals scoop — preferably something related to Josh and/or Aiden, because those two are adorable. Oh, and just FYI the cookies are gingersnaps. —Katie

Ausiello: I won’t lie to you, Katie, I’ve got some good news and some bad news: Executive producer Julie Plec says she does have big plans for Jaiden in 2015. The bad news? Those plans might involve one (or both) of them on Death’s door. She explains, “I get into fights with the writers because I’ll be pitching a story and I’ll say, ‘And this is where Josh dies,’ and they’ll be like, ‘No!’ And then I’ll say, ‘Well, this is probably the moment where Aiden should die,’ and everyone goes, ‘No!’ It’s juggling the beauty of this budding romance against the story of a vampire and a werewolf finding love with each other. I love that storyline so much, [but] one day, I might have to kill one of them. That’s just the way we roll.” Now gimme my cooooooookies!

Zap2It has our first look at Klaus and Hayley’s reunion with baby Hope and it’s just…awwww. View the rest of the exclusive photos over at Zap2It.


Check out the song list for last night’s episode “The Brothers That Care Forgot”.

1. Panama “Destroyer”

2. Ane Brun “Do You Remember”

3. Little Children “By Your Side”

Check out the extended preview for the midseason finale airing December 8th.

Check out the preview for the next episode, that will air in two weeks, December 8th titled “Map of Moments”.


Both ETOnline and Access Hollywood chatted with Claire Holt recently on her return to The Originals in tonight’s episode “The Brothers That Care Forgot”.

Via ETOnline:

ETonline: We have all desperately missed seeing Rebekah on our screens each week, what has she been up to with baby Hope?

Claire Holt: She has just gone into full mother-mode. She’s nurturing and raising this baby as if it were her own and just loving it, and it’s just really made her realize, if she didn’t already know, how much she craved having a child of her own. She’s really fiercely protective and wants to ensure the safety of this baby. It’s really a nice thing to see and it’s a really beautiful character trait of hers, I think.

Read more over at ETOnline.

Via Access Hollywood:

Rebekah has been doing well on her own, with Hope, but she will need the help of her brothers in Monday’s episode with Mikaelson mom, Esther, hot on her trail.

But could having to move quickly with an infant present problems?

“She’s an Original vampire, so it’s not impossible, but it’s certainly much more difficult to keep hidden with a child, so she relies on her siblings and and they come up with a plan and they do their best to keep her safe,” Claire said.

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Check out this Joseph Morgan interview with Young Hollywood!

Access Hollywood has posted more from their set visit with The Originals cast. Check out interviews with Charles Michael Davis, Phoebe Tonkin and Yusuf Gatewood.


Thanks to Jim Halterman for this awesome interview with Colin Woodell on playing Aiden on The Originals. Check out what Colin had to say about Aiden and Josh.

What would you say is at the root of their attraction to each other and what will we see in the coming episodes?

CW: Well, you will see a lot more and I’m very, very excited about that. You always want what you can’t have. And that’s also what fuels our attraction to each other is that [Josh is] something that so off limits and so am I. And we also have our priorities [and] we both have our own separate agendas, yet we also love the fact that we’re from completely different worlds. We have so much in common and it’s a really awesome thing because, yeah, it’s very scandalous. And I think when those stakes are really high, it makes a love interest that much more passionate.

Read more of the interview over at The Backlot.

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