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Check out the song list for last week’s episode “Map of Moments”.

1. Kermit Ruffins “O Christmas Tree”

2. Boston String Quartet “Overture (On Christmas Eve)”

3. Clara Oman “Angels We Have Heard On High” – Unavailable on iTunes

4. American Boychoir “The Coventry Carol”

5. London Grammar “Stay Awake”

6. Manor House String Quartet “The Holly And The Ivy”

7. Digital Daggers “Silver Bells”

The CW has released the extended preview for The Originals episode 2.10 titled “Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire”. The episode airs January 19th, when the show returns from holiday hiatus.

Check out the preview for The Originals Episode 2.10, returning January 19th after the holiday hiatus. Let me know what you guys thought about tonight’s shocker in the comments!


Wow.  Been a while, eh?  Sorry for that.  Had a bout of the flu that just wouldn’t leave.  Kinda like Esther.

Anyhow.  Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Klaus introduces this episode, with a reminder that Lenorsther wants to put all the Mikaelson children in new bodies so that they can “find peace” from the vampire curse.  Then we have Lenorsther telling Finncent that he needs to bring Camille to her, now.  Then, after the fight that captured Finncent and Koleb, little Cami was left all alone, and Mommy Dearest found her.  (Uh oh.) And then we have Marcel, challenging the werewolves that are under Lenorsther’s thumb. We’re reminded that Koleb and Davina were getting closer, and that Lenorsther may have screwed our beloved Suited One up a little in the head while she played mind games with him, chained up in the tomb.  We see Klaus choking Lenorsther again, and her saying (again) that he doesn’t understand why she did what she did (BIG CLUE:  DAHLIA).  We see Marcel explaining the Magical Shakles of Witch Taming, and then Finncent with them on.  And then we see Finncent and Koleb strung up on the stairs, and Klaus and Elijah being all threatening and sexy.  Erm.  I mean SCARY.  Sure, that’s what I meant!


Danielle Campbell stopped by Young Hollywood Studio to chat about The Originals and Davina.

Check out the producer’s preview for next week’s midseason finale “Map of Moments”.

Thanks to ETOnline, we have a brand new preview clip from The Originals midseason finale, “Map of Moments”. Plus head on over to ETOnline for more scoop!

Access Hollywood chatted with Daniel Sharman during a recent visit to the set of The Originals. Check out what Daniel had to say about stepping into Kol’s shoes.

The CW has released the episode stills for The Originals Mid Season Finale titled “Map of Moments” airing December 8th.  Check out the most adorable photos ever! You can read the synopsis for this episode HERE.

The Map of Moments



TVLine’s Ausiello, has some Jaiden scoop for us!!

Question: I am currently baking cookies and one of them will have your name on it if you can give me some Originals scoop — preferably something related to Josh and/or Aiden, because those two are adorable. Oh, and just FYI the cookies are gingersnaps. —Katie

Ausiello: I won’t lie to you, Katie, I’ve got some good news and some bad news: Executive producer Julie Plec says she does have big plans for Jaiden in 2015. The bad news? Those plans might involve one (or both) of them on Death’s door. She explains, “I get into fights with the writers because I’ll be pitching a story and I’ll say, ‘And this is where Josh dies,’ and they’ll be like, ‘No!’ And then I’ll say, ‘Well, this is probably the moment where Aiden should die,’ and everyone goes, ‘No!’ It’s juggling the beauty of this budding romance against the story of a vampire and a werewolf finding love with each other. I love that storyline so much, [but] one day, I might have to kill one of them. That’s just the way we roll.” Now gimme my cooooooookies!

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