13 Things We Learned from The Originals 3.05 “The Axeman’s Letter”

So, just what is Aurora’s endgame? Who is more insane, Tristan, Lucien, or Aurora?

Let’s see what answers (and more questions) we got with last week’s episode.



1.) Klaus is adorable when he’s in love. And he can be quite poetic when he is.




2.) Most of Klaus’s exes are nuts. Aurora is no different, and perhaps the most insane. (“Roses are red, lavender is blue, come find me before I find you.”)




3.) Turning friends into vampires just means that there are that many more people on this earth who want to kill your family to get back at them for some slight they have perceived has been done to you.




4.)  When Elijah is reminded of something, while under torture by his own mother no less, please to be letting him tell you what it was. It could be very important. It turns out, Elijah first discovered he could compel people . . . when convincing Aurora that she did not love Klaus and would not come with the Original family when they fled because news of their debauchery was spreading, most likely alerting their Father of their whereabouts. (After she told Elijah that Klaus had killed their mother.)




5.) New Orleans, as a city, has a wicked sense of humor. (Throwing a serial killer themed party, when there’s a serial killer on the loose, takes a certain amount of wicked sense of humor.) Axeman was a serial killer back in 1919 and people still celebrate surviving him. People think he was a vampire. Nope. He was a witch. And his letting everyone live has resulted in a sort of “witch Christmas” happening this time of year, making them “easy pickings” for someone who might want to do them harm.




6.) The words “Hello, my sweet love” have never held quite so much venom until this episode. Aurora utters these words to Klaus, before admitting that she killed the witch predicting their demise (Alexis) in order to change the future she saw. Also suggesting that Klaus’s fall (by friend, foe, and family) may very well come at Elijah’s hand.




7.) Davina is scared of her own people, after enslaving Hayley, Jackson, and what remains of their pack and having Hayley kill a witch that challenged her. So, what does she do? Makes them be her bodyguards. And Hayley takes it upon herself to be Davina’s fashion police as well (Kinda funny, actually.) and offers her more advice that just may pay Davina dividends in the long run.




8.) When Klaus confesses his deepest, darkest secret – that he killed his mother, and blamed his father – using it against him will not put you in his best graces.




9.) Klaus didn’t sire Aurora. Rebekah did.




10.) Denying Elijah an audience with your boss may result in your heart being placed in a Mason jar and presented to that very same employer over lunch.




11.) Lucian is still crazy. Aurora was crazy before she was turned.




12.) Elijah wants Marcel to use his Strix membership to find out what made Tristan’s heart flutter during their lunch “conversation,” but Marcel doesn’t want to blow his cover there just yet.




13.) Cami thinks she knows a way that Vincent can do magic without actually using it. In doing so, she leads Vincent to the Closet of O’Connell Creepy Stuff. What she doesn’t know is that Detective Kinney was right on their tails, using Cami’s twin brother’s murderous history as leverage to get a search warrant. He is taking everything into NOLA PD custody, on the basis that the only fingerprints on the victim that Lucian dropped (essentially) into Cami’s lap were hers. Cami is then arrested, under suspicion of being the very serial killer she isn’t qualified to be investigating.

BONUS: Jackson makes a decent body guard, especially if you’re holding a voodoo doll of the person who can keep him human. But, it turns out, the voodoo doll he was holding wasn’t designed to kill Davina, but to force her to confess to killing his mother which would result in Davina’s shunning by the witch community.

BONUS 2: Marcel followed Tristan to a building with an escape exit. The exit leads to a storehouse in Dauphin, owned by Kingmaker Land Development – Lucien’s company. The suspicion is that either Lucien and Tristan are working toward a truce on their own . . . or they’re working together for a much more sinister purpose.

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS:  Davina asked the Ancestors to lift Hayley’s pack’s curse . . . and they granted it, making Hayley feel less like a slave and more like a friend.

The last few scenes need to be spoken about in detail, so here goes.

The episode ends with Aurora telling Klaus to go and speak to Elijah about what she’s revealed to him tonight, saying that she suspects he already knows what he’s going to find. When Klaus finds Elijah, Elijah rightly guesses that Aurora told him the truth about that night. He finds it convenient that she would share this information at a time when they need to be united, not divided. Klaus calls Elijah “the greatest traitor of my life” because he’s so good at forgiveness and then the brothers fight. Elijah reminds Klaus that he’s the only one that has always stood by Klaus . . . and Klaus counters that it was because Elijah felt guilty for setting Klaus on the course that he’s taken through life. Klaus bites Elijah (again) and Elijah tells Klaus, “I have carried you for centuries, Niklaus. No more. You want a fight? So be it.”

Annnnnnd . . . fade to black.

Where will this lead our favorite brothers? Only Julie Plec knows.


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