The Best Originals Snark from 4.10 “Phantomesque”

Having The Original siblings back together can only result in some certified cut-you-to-the-bone zingers, but that wasn’t the only thing going on in this episode. ┬áThere were some heart-felt moments, too, and a bromance was re-kindled. All good things!

Let’s see if your favorite made my list!

Josh: Good news and bad news. Vincent thinks he can cure Sofya. All you need to do, is bring him The Hollow’s blood.
Marcel: Fifteen-hundred-year-old newly-resurrected super-powerful witch and I just need to get her blood.

Josh: But given that The Hollow is pure evil-incarnate, maybe you should consider reaching out to people that are just a little more powerful than me. Like . . . Like Mikaelson people.
Marcel: I work better alone.
Josh: Really? Then what am I doing here?


Klaus: I never told you . . . but over countless years, you have meant so much to me. You have been a redeemer, a confidant, a mentor, a rival . . . and a friend. And, at times, yes, you’ve been a royal pain in the ass. Now look at you. And I’m so sorry. *whispers* My brother. This will not be your end. I will not rest until I bring you back. No matter how many I have to kill to ensure it.
Rebekah: Sounds like fun. I could do with a bit of murder and mayhem.
Klaus: Perhaps you should’ve stayed where you were.
Rebekah: I never should’ve left. Elijah might still be alive.
Klaus: Or you’d be lying beside him.
Kol: Alright! Chitchat’s over. Can we slaughter someone now?

Kol: Lethal thorns, resurrected witches . . . what could possibly go wrong?


Marcel: Now that’s messed up. The first thing you do after being reborn is you massacre the witches that have been following your crazy ass.
Inadu Hollow: They lived to serve. They can die doing the same.


Rebekah: Can I interest anyone in a swift and painless death?
Kol: Oh, come now, Beks. Do we have to be so swift?
Klaus: Sadly. Lucky for you lot, we’re in a rush.


Rebekah: That’s a peculiar place for a nap.
Marcel: Well, it wasn’t like I had a choice.

Klaus to Marcel: Have you lost your mind, or has The Hollow stolen it from you again?
Rebekah: Children! Please use your words!

*Rebekah reveals where there is more of the poisoned rose bush and Marcel whooshes away*
Klaus: Nice job, sister. Perhaps next time, less carrot, more stick.


Harvest Girl 1: Your brother murdered us.
Kol: I AM NOT MY BROTHER! I have been a friend to witches for centuries. I even taught you lot to make these things. There’s no reason we can’t go back to old times.
Harvest Girl 2: We know better than to trust vampires.


Marcel: You guys put up a good fight. I respect that. Still, at the end of the day, its a little too late.

Marcel: Don’t make me fight you, Rebekah.
Rebekah: If you want this, you’ll have to.
Marcel: Let it go.
Rebekah: You know I won’t.


Hayley: I’m just trying to bring you home.


Freya: I just need a large enough sacrifice.
Rebekah: You’re thinking what I’m thinking.
Freya: Kill The Hollow, save our brother.
Rebekah: Happy to do the dirty work.
Freya: Assuming its even possible.


Josh: Top-notch day, huh? At least you got that thorned stake, right? I mean, that’s a win.
Marcel: If we’re lucky, Vincent can siphon off the power, help Sofya, then . . .its a win.

Marcel: Klaus used to tell me that having power made you a target. Having allies made you vulnerable, so, choose. You can have one, or the other. Power. Or friends.
Josh: You know that’s psychotic, right?
Marcel: Yeah, but then, maybe there’s some truth to it, too.
Josh: Well, for what its worth, I’m pretty glad you’re my friend.


Klaus: From what I hear, you saved the day.
Hayley: I wouldn’t say that.
Klaus: Ah. I see. So you ventured inside my brother’s shattered mind, and it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows.
Hayley: I went through the Red Door.

Klaus: You know what we are. We’re, all of us, monsters. We’ve committed countless atrocities over the years. But Elijah has only ever done those things for family. And that is why he is the very best of us. He always has been.


Glorious bastards, or all of us monsters . . . I’m in!

I wonder what quips we’ll see in 4.11 “The Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken?” ┬áTune in to the CW ap to watch!


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