Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.10 “Phantomesque”

Well, I knew going into this episode that it was going to be a hard one. I had no idea what I was heading into.  I almost think losing Elijah completely would be easier. And Rebekah and Kol coming back?  Just wow.

Let’s go!

1.  Lesson One:  When in the French Rivera . . . do not go to a nightclub, you will end up vampire bait. But, when people (read: VAMPIRES) start dropping without being touched . . . well, that’s reason for concern.

Since Elijah technically died, all of his sires dropped, too. Uh oh.

2.  Where Inadu Hollow just merely walks, things die.

Because that isn’t scary AT ALL.

3.  Rebekah is BACK, baby! AND KOL!  The Mikaelsons are always better together. Or at least the pages of my “Snark” articles are. Hahaha.

And Kol doesn’t take too kindly to the fact that The Ancestors are back. Remember, they hurt Davina. And Kol’s still pissed about it. And when Klaus tells Kol that the only people that can contact Davina are the Harvest Girls that Elijah slaughtered . . . Kol storms off.

4.  Freya really thinks that she is going to be the one that a fractured-minded Mr Awesome Scruff in a Bad Wig is going to respond to? Even *I* call her bluff on that one.

The endless white hallways, with a million closed, white doors is truly frightening. Probably more frightening than anything else in this episode. (Ok, well, maybe not. But they are intimidating as HELL.) Reliving some of those memories, though, was pretty epic. From ripping out Agnes’s throat in St Anne’s back in (Google “No one hurts my family and lives” from 1.06 if you don’t remember it) to a brawl at the compound – there are some good ones in there, but Elijah doesn’t recognize that Freya is even there for the first several.

She relives several moments from Elijah’s past – some including the rest of the family, some not – but he doesn’t acknowledge her presence at all. The one time he seems to, as soon as he does, Freya is shot back out of his mind faster than you can say “these memory hallways are creepy.”

5.  Inadu Hollow’s blood burns . . . it even burns whatever-the-Hell Marcel is now. So, collecting it for a cure for Sofya might be a little tricky.

6.  Kol is pissed that no one told him The Ancestors are back. And, I have a feeling that little nugget of information will lead him to make some sort of stupid decision . . . it just sounds like something Kol would do.  Klaus says he wouldn’t deny Kol the opportunity to see Davina again, but warns that she is “much changed, and not for the better.”

7.  The withering look Hayley gives Freya when the witch suggests she needs to channel the 7-year-old in order to get Hayley into the pendant with Elijah is priceless.

8.  Hayley going into the pendant, to try and find Elijah is powerful stuff.

The fact that we get a little more of the scene from this season where Hayley attacks a vampire as a wolf, and Elijah is there in the aftermath to give her his jacket . . . is amazing.

But as soon as I saw the red door, I knew that was where she would find him.

Do you remember the episode “Red Door?” Season 2, episode 5. The Red Door is behind where Elijah put his most painful memories, especially the realization that he was the one who killed his beloved Tatia (another doppelganger of Katherine’s). It is worth a watch, if nothing else, for the insight into Elijah’s mind and you get an explanation as to why he’s so meticulously neat.

Right before Elijah attacks her, Hayley tells him “I’m just trying to bring you home” and my Haylijah heart breaks a little.

When Hope calls out to Hayley from the hallway – I got chills. That girl’s power is AMAZING.

The combination of Hope’s scream, and Hayley’s love for her, is what turns the light back on in Elijah’s eyes. He comes out of his shattered mind . . . to them.

But is Haylijah broken?  When she takes a step back from him, obviously fearful, it physically hurts.

9.  Oh, Kol. I love that you love and miss Davina, and I know you want to talk to her. I do. BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THOSE DARK OBJECTS AND THOSE HARVEST GIRLS?!

10.  When Rebekah and Marcel square off . . . it is H O T! Even if Klaus bursts in, to ruin the whole thing.

11.  Rebekah’s face, when she realizes Marcel is in love with someone else is heartbreaking. And knowing that Klaus was trying to protect her from that knowledge makes it hurt even more.

Poor Rebekah.  Will she ever find love?

And if things DO come down to “Marcel or Elijah,” will Rebekah be ok with letting her old flame die . . . to save her brother?

12. I’ve never been so happy to see a pendant repaired, but, my heart broke for Elijah at the same time . . . standing alone in that hallway, knowing that Hayley backed away from him in fear.

Can Hayley forgive him?

13. The Marcel and Josh bromance is still ALIVE AND WELL.

BONUS:  This episode seems to be proof that EVERY ONE of these actors and actresses have PERFECTED the *face fall* reaction to news that is not favorable. Klaus is the last one to do so, when Hayley confesses that she went through the Red Door to save Elijah.

Before, laughing at his own joke about “unicorns and rainbows:”

After realizing Hayley has seen the worst of Elijah:

When Kol tells Rebekah that everyone else got what they wanted, I can’t help but wonder what he’s going to do to get what he wants . . . to talk to Davina again.  Putting a rose on Davina’s tomb, he tells Rebekah that he doesn’t think he can stay in NOLA, but Inadu Hollow meets him there . . . and promises him Davina . . . and there she is, linked magically to Inadu.

Houston, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Kol is going to do whatever it takes to save Davina, you know that, right?  I think he’s going to do something (again) to defy his family.  I just hope it doesn’t ruin everything.

Can Hayley forgive Elijah for attacking her in his mind, behind that horrid Red Door?  Now that the pendant is whole, is Elijah’s mind whole again?  Where will Haylijah be after this?

What is Kol going to do to save Davina? Will he completely betray his family in order to save her – which, in turn, will save The Hollow?

Check out the next episode, 4.11 “The Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken” on the CW ap!



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