Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.11 “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken”

This episode’s title is soooooooooooooooooooo ambiguous.  Is it Elijah’s spirit that won’t be broken? Davina’s? Hell, even Inadu Hollow’s? Who isn’t breaking? It seems there are a lot of spirits on this show that are being tested . . . but which one will remain unbroken?!  That’s a scary thought!

“If you want to keep her safe, then you belong to me.” Oh, Kol. What are you going to do?

1. Seeing Kol and Davina together – with Kol’s real face – is still weird for me. I keep expecting to see Koleb (Daniel Sharman) instead!  But, regardless of the face that Kol is wearing . . . these two are stinking adorable together.

Even if them being together means that he’ll betray his family somehow. “Its kind of my specialty,” he says.

2. The problem with the villains on shows like these, is they tell you their plans . . . and their weaknesses. Inadu tells Kol that she has a protection spell, “cast in the form of a totem” that he is to protect.

But that also means, SHE HAS A GIANT FREAKING WEAKNESS. And since Inadu is tied to Davina, if he (or anyone else) harms that totem . . . Davina will feel it, too.

Rock – KOL – Hard place.


3. Hope is a very observant little girl. She realizes the town has gone quiet since The Hollow has risen. No more music and dancing in the streets.


And when she tells Klaus that The Hollow is different from anything their family has ever faced . . . the horror on his face is real.

4. The pendant that Elijah’s soul is trapped in is cracking. That means that Freya needs to get him out, like, yesterday. So, now everything’s a rush. The problem with that is . . . people make mistakes when they’re in a hurry.

5.  Labonair blood has weakened The Hollow before, but Freya theorizes that Hayley’s blood isn’t strong enough because she’s been dead for years. The vampire side of her has weakened the properties in her blood that work against Inadu. So, Freya thinks that a blade forged with HOPE’S blood will do the trick. The only problem with that is Hayley and Klaus don’t want Hope involved in all this . . . violence and death.

A this fierce Daddy expression shows just how happy Klaus is about involving even Hope’s blood.

6.  Kol trapped Rebekah and Marcel in the house where the Totem of Hollow’s Power was supposed to be hidden – with a dark object – and his betrayal is almost palpable. He apologizes to Rebekah – and it seems like he means it – but refuses to answer her when she asks what The Hollow is doing to him, whooshing away.

7.  Everyone is trying to keep Hope out of the thick of all this, but a) her blood is stronger than her mother’s b) it’s the only thing that can slow Inadu Hollow down, and c) Kol thinks he can get Hope to perform the spell to unlink Davina from Inadu . . . she is TOTALLY involved, guys. TOTALLY. So much for preserving her innocence!

Its one thing to betray your family, trap one of your sisters, but to use your 7-year-old niece to do an unbinding spell is a bit much for even you, Kol.

8.  Whatever Kol has planned, he means for Davina to get away.  With or without him, she is to leave at midnight.

9.  Freya and Hayley make an awesome team. Freya even admits they don’t always see eye-to-eye, but she has great respect for Hayley.

Even if they do both get almost immediately knocked out.

10.  Inadu Hollow is wicked evil. Injecting Hayley with Wolfsbane to keep her in her “peaceful” place with Jackson and saying “she still has a part to play.”

Because that won’t complicate anything for Haylijah . . . geez.

Jackson – or someone wearing his face – accuses Hayley of falling for the “illusion, the suit” in Elijah . . . and those words clearly hurt her. And then his face switches to Elijah as he chokes the life out of her . . . painful.

And she traps Freya with a visage of Keelin, with her throat cut. Who then wakes up only to taunt her that this will be Keelin’s fate, if only through her association with Freya.

11.  Davina and Josh’s reunion might just be sweeter than Davina and Kol’s!

She thanks him for visiting her grave, and talking to her. She heard every word. Its a SUPER sweet moment.

12.  Kol begging for Klaus to spare the Hollow Totem – and in doing so, saving Davina – is a pitiful thing. He really does love her.

He says that Davina changed him, and then strikes a low blow on his brother, asking if he wouldn’t do the same if The Hollow brought back Cami.

13.  Hope simultaneously unknotting the knot, Hayley and Freya attacking The Hollow, and Davina suffering the same injuries brings some of the most intense moments yet this season. Amazing acting by all! Especially little Summer, who plays Hope.


BONUS:  Jackson is just as sweet in the afterlife that Inadu Hollow throws Hayley into, as he was when he was alive.  Well, he starts out that way, anyhow.

I do miss that voice!

BONUS #2:  This . . .

Rebekah’s “damn it” after they kiss is hilarious. But, hasn’t all this snarking back and forth just ever-so-neatly lead to this?

Hayley not wanting to be there when Elijah is resurrected broke my heart. But, not only did he try to kill her inside his mind, The Hollow brought back her feelings for Jackson . . . things are . . . complicated, for Hayley right now. But, sadly, I fear Haylijah has met its end. But what is it that she has to do? Run with Hope?

Break up with this guy?

“Every Princess ought to know her Kingdom . . . ”

Even if that Princess has Hollow Eyes, Klaus?

EXTRA INFO: The LaForge House has been in The Originals before.  I THINK it was where Josephine LeRue kept court back when she was Regent of the New Orleans witches, before Dahlia killed her, and then Klaus killed her . . . again.  Back then, it was under a spell that prevented magic from being used inside its walls. Back in season 2, it was Eva (Vincent’s wife – after pushing Rebekah out of her body – that brought The Hollow back last time) who tried to capture Josephine in order to complete a “Rite of Nines” Expression Magic ritual – maybe this was Hollow related, too?  Josephine’s spirit joined the Ancestors when she was decapitated by Klaus.

Tune in tonight to see where alllllllllllllllllll this is going!


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