Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.07 “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”

Marcel’s locked in a dungeon – and Josh thinks he knows where – and the whole of New Orleans seems to be looking for him. Elijah ripped out the heart of the High Priest of The Hollow and is soooooooo done with reason. Vincent’s severing of the connection between the witches of the Quarter and their ancestors is what freed The Hollow from captivity in the first place. Freya is making a friend . . . or maybe more than a friend. And The Hollow seems to work in fours, and everyone is looking for three more bones to stop a witch (Eva?) from coming back…could Tunde’s blade be one? And, oh yeah, Dominic came back from that little heart extraction . . .

Caught up?

Alright, then. Let’s go, loves, and see what we learn in this episode!

1 Seeing someone walking around, who’s heart your brother recently ripped out, freaks out even the sister of a pack of vampires!

2  Hearing little Hope recite poetry, while her Mum is looking at pictures of a family she hardly remembers, Klaus tries to destroy a seemingly indestructible jaw bone, and Marcel is just generally annoyed by dust falling on him . . . is quite haunting.

3 Hope asks about a little boy that used to live in the compound, and it clearly stops Klaus in his tracks. We discover that she’s been playing in a trunk of stuff that used to belong to Marcel, when he was a child.


4 Freya and Keelin are adorable. Just look at this goofy grin!

And this adorable little hair-flip!

5  Remember when there was that thing, called The Harvest? Where 4 young witch girls were going to be sacrificed to The Ancestors (namely, Davina) and things went horribly wrong? Yeah. Well. In order to trap The Hollow, we might have to do that again.  Elijah is all for it. Vincent . . . not so much. And remember when Mr Awesome Scruff said that he was “done with reason?”  Yeah. Well. Uh oh. But, stealing from a witch, out of a church cabinet?  You really have gone rogue, Mr E.


6  The spell protecting the Mikaelson Compound is connected to Freya’s heartbeat. Anyone else have a problem with that? And, in playing along with that concern, Dominic threatens Keelin, and Freya loses her cool throwing him against the wall and therefor outside of the boundary circle she had him in. Which results in this . . .

. . . and, no, she’s not just zoning out, while lying on the floor of Josh’s apartment. Those are the glassy eyes of death, my friends.

7  Dominic and Sofya’s alliance isn’t as rock-steady as we may have thought. How quickly he turns on her, bringing her to her knees when she won’t tell him where she’s going . . . and then he stabs her with Tunde’s Blade.

8  Josh, wearing Marcel’s body . . . should I call him Jarcel, or Marsh? I think Jarcel.

9  No matter my love for Haylijah . . . I’ll admit, when Hayley and Klaus share some tender moments, my frigid heart thaws a little.

10  Elijah with bloody hands is frightening. Mr Awesome Scruff is always so maticulously clean. After seeing him with his hands still bloody from killing four young French Quarter witch girls . . . we realize just how unhinged he is becoming.  If you don’t remember, there was much pomp and circumstance surrounding The Harvest. Vincent is horrified that Mr Awesome Scruff has just outright killed these girls (albeit on consecrated ground with the correct ceremonial blade – both parts of the ceremony) and expects him to be able to put it all together for the same result.

Regardless of their differences, Elijah clearly respects Vincent’s abilities with magic. When Vincent claims that he can’t do The Harvest ritual because he isn’t a witch of The French Quarter, Elijah’s speech to boost Vincent’s confidence is stirring. He even references “my own, wretched Mother” and her respect for his magical ability.

11  The Ancestors are very angry with Vincent and Elijah, their partnership, and just them in general. And The Ancestors fight ugly, folks.

Very, very ugly. Even against their own kind.

12  Vincent calls on Davina for help, using her skull to help with The Harvest spell while Josh toasts her picture at Rousseau’s. His pleas are heartbreaking. Elijah even drops to his knees in reverence. And I think that move was the final act that convinced Davina to help. Elijah believes that she is now their ally against The Hollow, that’s why she helped them.

13  With the link to The Ancestors restored, Freya begins tracking the Peesie (no idea how to spell that) family of wolves who were, apparently, tasked with keeping one or some of the bones needed for the resurrection of The Hollow safe. Freya track them to . . . you guessed it . . . Tyler Lockwood. (Who is dead, again, by Damon’s hand . . . so, how does that work?)

BONUS: Hope has her mother’s sass!!

I’m seven, not stupid.

And hearing Marcel confess to Hope that he doesn’t hate Klaus, is heart-breaking. “You can’t hate someone who you’ve loved for so long.”

Daddy Klaus makes me love Joseph Morgan more and more every day.

Don’t ever threaten Hope. It makes Klaus, really, really, really angry. You may just lose your head. Wonder if Dominic’s death will stick this time? Freya said she broke through all of his protection spells back at Josh’s. Did he have time to reconstruct them, before attacking the Miklealson Compound?

The talk between Marcel and Klaus toward the end of the episode is quite powerful. They don’t exactly admit that they still care for each other, but when Klaus declares that he’s not going to let The Hollow destroy “Elijah, Hayley . . . Hope . . . I won’t let it take them, and I won’t let it take you” you know there’s still something between them.

And then there’s this:

and this:

and this:

Yep, that’s The Hollow jumping into Sofya.

(And yes, that picture had to be SEVERLY lightened up, but there it is . . . The Crescent Birthmark on the shoulder of The Hollow.)

Now, does it mean anything that it is on the OPPOSITE shoulder as Hayley’s and Hope’s? I don’t know.

Let’s tune in tomorrow to see if we can find out!


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