Thirteen Things We Learned From 4.08 “Voodoo In My Blood”

As we know, two familiar faces will be returning this episode – Davina and Alaric. While I love both characters, the fact that Davina is coming back from the dead is . . . well, its concerning. Is she coming… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.07 “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”

Marcel’s locked in a dungeon – and Josh thinks he knows where – and the whole of New Orleans seems to be looking for him. Elijah ripped out the heart of the High Priest of The Hollow and is soooooooo done… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.06 “Bag of Cobras”

“Bag of Cobras” just sounds like a bad idea, from the word “go,” doesn’t it? And with The Hollow running around, I’m never quite sure what’s literal, and what isn’t. 1.  The number 4 seems significant. Vincent tells us that whenever… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.05 “I Hear You Knocking”

So, last week we learned that both Klaus and Marcel have been infected (marked? possessed?) by The Hollow. What does that mean for our dueling Kings of New Orleans?  Why, The Hollow propelling them toward each other for an epic showdown,… Continue Reading