Thirteen Things We Learned from Episode 4.09 “Queen Death”

The synopsis on the CW app for this episode is, as usual, pretty vague . . . but “when The Hollow (or as I call her Inadu Hollow) sends a terrifying message to Vincent, he must team with Hayley and Freya to embark on a desperate mission to stop The Hollow once and for all” kinda gives me chills at the same time.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend that I trust about as far as I can throw but I’m a powerful witch so that’s pretty far, maybe?

But, knowing what I know about this episode . . . it also makes me wanna cry.

Let’s get started, shall we? Like a Band-Aid, just rip that sucker off . . . because this is not ok. I am not OK:

1.  Remember when I said Inadu Hollow was sexy? Yeah, starting to regret that . . .

. . . but, you have to admit, on someone so psychopath-y/mercenary-y in the first place, its a good look for Sofya. Granted, she would look a lot better if she weren’t standing over Mr Awesome Scruff’s struggling visage.

And have you ever tried to pull a poison rosebush entwined stake out of your back?  No. Well, its hard. Elijah makes some valiant efforts, but even the best Yoga instructor on the planet might have issues with that move.

2.  Klaus sharing beignets with Hope is the most adorable thing ever.

(And JoMo in profile . . . does things to me that ARE NOT NATURAL!!  Wow. I love that man.)

3.  Saint Anne’s is probably the most desecrated holy site in the history of the world. I think they need to raise the place, and start over at this point.

The New Orleans witches are starting to “defect” to the side of Indau Hollow. The reason being? They think that Inadu will give them the power it will take to take back The Big Easy from the vampires. Being in control seems to be more important to everyone in this city, the consequences be damned.

4.  The fact that that stupid jawbone keeps twirling around the table all by its lonesome should be freaking everyone out. Yes, I realize this is a supernatural show, but have these characters gone so far off the deep end that that doesn’t freak them out? ‘Cuz I really think it should.

5.  Marcel is angry that Klaus’s plan will add Sofya to the “pile of Mikealson collateral damage,” and yet doesn’t seem to care that his plan “relies entirely upon” Elijah’s death. And, Klaus is “not willing to discuss this any further.”

6.  Hope. Hope is the key. Hope has the power to destroy Inadu Hollow. Little, 7-year-old, sassy Hope. Because she is of the same bloodline.  But isn’t Hayley the same bloodline?  Why doesn’t Inadu Hollow fear Hayley just as much?

Papa Tunde’s blade . . . again

7.  Never wanted to see this little doohicky again, but darn it if it isn’t gonna be useful again.

But only if they manage to save Mr Awesome Scruff’s body. Elijah is not Elijah in anyone else’s body, ok writers? This would be an UNACCEPTABLE SOLUTIONwriters. Period. End. Of. Discussion.

8.  Klaus offering to give up his life, to save Elijah’s . . . in front of Freya and Hayley is something you truly do need to witness yourself. I don’t cry during tv shows. I don’t. But this, this had the tears spilling over. Trust me.

As Freya accepts his offer, clearly not wanting to, and Klaus leaves the room . . . he squeezes Hayley’s shoulder. This is all for her. Klaus may wrap it up in a SAVE HOPE bow, but he clearly wants Hayley to be happy.

Now, there’s real tears, folks.  Real tears.  So, if you didn’t start sobbing at Elijah’s dying pleas for Inadu Hollow to leave Hope alone (I didn’t, I know, I’m heartless) this will get you. You have been warned.

9.  The music playing when Klaus leaves Hope – playing jacks with Keelin – will break your heart even further. No words, just a lonely piano.

10.  There’s always something that trips up the best-laid plans, isn’t there?  This time its Inadu Hollow’s Minions, holding a blade to Maxine’s throat.

And somebody throwing a poisoned rosebush into the fire . . .

Sometimes, those best-laid plans get ruined by a stiff breeze. One powerful enough to blow a glass jar of the cure right out of your hand, nevermind the Angry Blue Ball of Light that has appeared again, or that creepy shadow girl thing . . .

(Anybody else think that combo of werewolf venom looks like mayo?)

11.   Hayley is a badass. I think I’ve said that before, but she’s also a badass as a wolf.

12.  Getting a sick Elijah into the Weird Trinket of Blue is harder than it sounds. And looks bloody painful. But, Elijah calling for Hayley with what appears to be his last breath is enough to break even this ice-cold heart.

13.  Seeing that pendant, broken into pieces and bloodied in Freya’s hand, made my heart sink.

I didn’t get to watch the episode live, but the number of tweets I saw that said something to the effect of “if Elijah is dead, I’m done with this show” was kinda amusing. While my eyes were leaking, I couldn’t help but think . . . haven’t we been here before?  How many times has Elijah died?  How many times have any of The Originals died?  And how many of those deaths have ever stuck? Oh. Right. Finn. The Original that no one cared about.

This CANNOT be forever. It just can’t.  Death doesn’t stick in New Orleans, or Mystic Falls.

BONUS:  Once again, Hope saves the day. Her power, mixed with Freya’s, showed us that Elijah is indeed in that pendant. Even though his voice is far away, distorted, there may be a chance to save him yet. But why does he look like Flashback Elijah?

I have a feeling this little symbol of a mother’s love will be coming back into play in a big way.

There’s got to be a reason that Elijah is Flashback Elijah, in the flash that Hope saw in the pendant, right?  But, what does it MEAN?!

And Vincent wanting that notebook back scares the heck outta me, too. What does he hope to glean from it? Will Vincent be able to resist its power?

Also, being birthed out of a tree is a messy, slimy business.

But, about that “death,” I have no words. As I said, part of me cried. Part of me was . . . unmoved, due to the number of “deaths” that we’ve had in New Orleans, and in Mystic Falls. What concerns me most is Elijah appears as Flashback Elijah. Will they be able to get him back, but has he somehow gone back in time?  Will he know Hayley, Freya, or even Hope? Where are they going with this?

Hopefully, this week’s episode will bring us a few answers. It will definitely bring us a few more Original family members, though. That is something to look forward to!


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