Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.12 “Voodoo Child”

So, The Hollow is in Hope. This will not end well. Hayley lost herself a little when she stabbed Inadu’s body to death. Elijah was a broken man inside his broken mind, and attacked her. Hayley was memorializing Jackson when Elijah was brought back to life.  Is Haylijah, therefore, broken, too? Where is all this leading to?

Let’s see if we can get some answers in these, the last two episodes in this shortened season . . .

1. Remember back when I said The Hollow was kinda . . . sexy?  Well, The Hollow in Hope is decidedly NOT sexy. She’s creepy, devoid of emotion, and did I mention CREEPY?  And the fact that it took the Mikaelsons – especially Hayley – so long to figure that something wasn’t quite right with Hope was, honestly, somewhat disturbing to me.

2. Coming up with a ship name for Freya and Keelin just became SUPER IMPORTANT. And, I’m going with Freylin. If you guys have a better one, hit me up in the comments!

Things got serious in this episode. S E R I O U S. Even though Freya kinda tricked Keelin along the way, too, resulting in this:

. . . which I believe is a) a spell that prevents anyone but Freya entering this room (she says as much) and b) a spell that knocks her out so she won’t tag along and get herself killed. Because, this wouldn’t be The Originals if all the loved ones stayed out of harm’s way all on their own, now would it?

3. This book – that Marcel was supposed to kill Vincent over if the latter came asking for it – is all at once our favorite family’s salvation . . .

. . . and the thing with which all their hopes die.

4. Rebekah should never be allowed to try and work out the ins-and-outs of a deal with Marcel. It will never end the way we hope.

No, he won’t let the Mikaelsons stay in New Orleans.

5. We watch some Haylijah awkwardness:

that leads into what looks to be Elijah’s heart breaking before our eyes . . .

. . . a couple of times. The first being that one ^ the awkward moment, that fades into heartbreak. And the one below, when he pointedly leaves himself out of a “save Hayley and Hope” scenario with Klaus.

And one more time – if my Haylijah heart wasn’t already shattered – when Hayley bolts, yelling “Don’t touch me” as she rushes off, head-long, into who knows what to find Hope, after The Hollow has fully taken her.

Mr. Awesome Scruff’s heart is shattering. As is mine.

6. Sofya is still loyal to Marcel – even after coming back from The Hollow’s possession and feeling “out of it.” And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t collecting any mercenary paychecks while she was in a coma.

And she’s still ripping out hearts for him, even though she can sense that The Hollow isn’t quite as gone as they’d all hoped.

7. Rebekah and Hayley have always seemed to click. I wonder how long that will last when Hayley tells her and the rest of the Mikaelsons that she wants to run off with Hope – to protect her from all of them. (I don’t know this for sure, I’m just guessing. And I’m also guessing she’s running off to Mystic Falls to the Salvatore School for Gifted Children . . . but that may just be a little HOPE on my part. See what I did there? ;)  )

8. Five words have never been so terrifying . . .

(And wouldn’t it be funny if Phoebe had Joseph’s number stored in her phone under “Klaus” just for these very moments?!)

9. The words “but you’ve gotta do it before the last grain of sand falls in this thing or I die” is never something you want to hear. But, thanks to Sofya and number 6, Marcel made it back to the syringe of glue (What? That’s what it looks like!) that restarted Vincent’s heart, and all’s alright with the world. Or is it?

10. Don’t tell Klaus he can’t kill the thing he wants to kill. It won’t end well for you. But, you will get to enjoy this vision right before you meet your doom.

I would die happy, at least.

11. Hope, when all this is over, you are soooooooooooo grounded!  We DO NOT throw our parents through glass doors! Bad, Hope, BAD!

When you make your mum angry enough to go *wolf eyes* on you, you KNOW you’re going to pay for your behavior.

12. The growing Oroborous on both Hope and Inadu’s arms is a kinda cool way to show level of possession . . . even if its a bit creepy, too.



13. When that “smoke monster” that is Inadu whooshes back into Hope, and her eyes go Hollow Blue (again) . . . I got chills.


Yeah, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT sexy.

BONUS: Vincent has a plan, but in order to save Hope, it will be the end of “always and forever” for one of them.

UNANSWERED QUESTION(s): Why is there a baby crying every time Vincent goes to visit Inadu Hollow’s mother in The Other Side? Anyone else think that it is Eva and Vincent’s baby?

Tune in tomorrow, for the season finale!!!


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