The Best Originals Snark from 4.12 “Voodoo Child”

This episode didn’t have as much snark as some – no Josh, no Kol – but there were some moving speeches to fill in the gaps!

Check out my favorites from “Voodoo Child:”

Vincent: So, I was wondering when you guys were gonna come for me.
Hollow Minion: We’re here to take back what belongs to our master.
Vincent: Well, you’re gonna have to kill me first.
Hollow Minion: She was hoping you’d say that.


Klaus: Hayley still not talking to you then?
Elijah: * shakes head *
Klaus: Give her time. She’ll come around.
Elijah: Will she?
Rebekah: Alright, can we please put a morotorium on all of this sulking? Its a lovely day. The Hollow is dead. And my brother is back, much to the joy of custom suit tailors everywhere. Not to mention me.


Freya: You look good, for an all-nighter.
Keelin: Hey, what are you doing here?
Freya: I just needed to see you.
Keelin: Since the whole greeting-me-with-coffee is completely un-you, I’m trying to figure out how worried I should be.


Rebekah: . . . opportunities lost, if we stick to those terms.
Marcel: Opportunities? What opportunities exactly?
Rebekah: Food to be savored, music to be enjoyed, broken relationships to be mended.
Marcel: Ah, look, you’re brothers and I aren’t trying to kill each other, that’s about as mended as that’s gonna get. If they stick around, its only a matter of time before that changes.
Rebekah: Oh, so dramatic.


Hayley: Klaus.
Klaus: I know that look, you need something.
Hayley: We need to talk about Hope’s future.
Klaus: She’s seven, we’re her parents, she’ll go where we go.
Hayley: Klaus, we need to have a very real conversation about what’s best for her.
Klaus: Yes, there are a couple of conversations that need to happen, but we’re late.


Klaus: Hayley killed her. I saw the corpse with my own eyes.
Vincent: Her body is dead, Klaus! That’s not enough!
Elijah: What are you saying?
Vincent: I’m saying that, by now, the Ancestors should’ve been able to imprison her spirit. That didn’t happen! The spirit is still out there. She must’ve had a Plan B.
Klaus: No doubt, perhaps they had assistance, tell me, were you a part of it?
Vincent: Oh, come on, man!
Marcel: Hey, back off, alright. I trust Vincent.


Rebekah: Let me guess, Elijah?
Hayley: Things between us are . . . complicated.
Rebekah: Well, that’s a word often used to describe my brother. But his feelings for you are quite simple. He adores you, Hayley.
Hayley: I know that.


Rebekah: Sweetheart, in a thousand years our family has never been bested. There’s nothing that can defeat us.
Hope: Well, there is one thing.


Freya: I almost ran. I’m good at that.
Keelin: Why didn’t you?
Freya: Well, it just hit me that . . . when I die, I’m not going to wake up five minutes later . . . neither are you. Compared to the rest of my family, my life is going to be so short. And I guess I just didn’t want to waste it running anymore.
Keelin: I’m glad you didn’t.


Klaus: Perhaps you should wait here. We’re heading to the place where you died. I wouldn’t blame you.
Elijah: If I thought I couldn’t do this, I wouldn’t have come. Niklaus, when this is done, I want you to take Hayley and Hope away from this. All of it.
Klaus: You pointedly left yourself out of that equation. Whatever Hayley saw in you, she will come to accept.
Elijah: No, she won’t. I can’t explain to her what she saw, Niklaus. Who I am.
Klaus: You’re tired!
Elijah: What are we, Niklaus? A thousand years of emptiness and endless parade of slaughter. Until your daughter came to us. Now she is everything, Niklaus. Worth every fight. Worth every sacrifice. She must not suffer the same fate, Niklaus.
Klaus: Wiping The Hollow from the face of this earth will ensure her safety. Everything else can wait.


Klaus: Sorry to break up your little prayer circle. We’ve come for that book. And to kill the lot of you.
Hollow Minion: Even if you do succeed in taking the book, you will stop nothing. The spell is already begun.
Elijah: Well, that is unfortunate. * starts to rip out hearts *
Klaus: Wait!
Hollow Minion: You’ve no idea the gravity of your situation, do you?
Klaus: Well, by all means, spend the last few moments of your life illuminating things for us.
Hollow Minion: The Hollow has shed her flesh, to take on that of another.
Klaus: Yes, yes, yes, and we’ll kill that body as well, and on and on until she gets the hint.
Hollow Minion: Oh, you won’t dare kill the body she’s taken. Even now she’s locking herself within the greatest witch this world may ever know and, in a lovely touch of irony, its someone you would rather die than allow to be harmed.


Keelin: Just don’t try to stop me.
Freya: I already have.


Marcel: * to Hollow Minions * Let me guess, you’re here on behalf of The Hollow? Alright, then listen up. The only way you’re gonna get to Vincent is over my dead body and, in case you haven’t heard, I can’t die. * laughs * I tried, right?


Klaus: Hope, open your eyes. You can’t fall asleep. I’m gonna tell you a story, and you have to stay awake to hear it, okay? Before you were born, I was a very different creature. I was cruel. I was mean. And I would revel in the terror which I inspired in others. But, Hope, from the moment I saw you, I wanted nothing more than to be worthy of being your father.

Klaus: But, I’m afraid Hope. I’m afraid without you I’ll return to the darkness. So, I need you – I need you to fight.
Hope: I will, Daddy.


* Inadu screams *
Vincent: That anger that you’re feeling right now, that’s called losing. Because, after this, you’re never ever going to be able to lock yourself inside of Hope Mikaelson and once I put you inside of this book , you’re never gonna be able to get out again.


Hayley: Where is she?
Vincent: I couldn’t save her. Hope’s gone.
Hayley: What?!
Vincent: She’s The Hollow now.
Elijah: We have to find her. Vincent, you assured me you could pull The Hollow out –
Vincent: – Elijah, if it were easy enough for me to just pull her out, then I would not be standing here talking to you right now. I don’t have a place to put her! The book is destroyed. Alright? The book is the only thing that’s powerful enough to house her eternal spirit.
Rebekah: But there must be some other way.
Freya: Vincent –
Vincent: – I don’t know any other way.


Elijah: Where are you going?
Hayley: To find my daughter.
Elijah: How are you going to do that?
Hayley: I’ll figure it out.
Elijah: Let me help you.
Elijah: I am on your side.
Hayley: I should never’ve brought her back here.


Klaus: A thousand years ago, we three made a vow. To protect each other, always and forever. Freya, that vow now includes you. As it includes my daughter. She is my heart and soul. Right now, she’s out there, alone in the darkness, fighting. We can’t give up. So, I’m begging you, all of you, if there’s any chance –
Vincent: – I think I know a way to save her.
Klaus: Anything.
Vincent: If we go this route, this is gonna be the end of your family. This going to be the end of “always and forever.”

Those words scare me. I know Elijah would fall on a sword for Hayley, especially now that she’s shutting him out. I know Rebekah sort of feels as though she’s lost everything, since Marcel has turned her away (again). Klaus would die for Hope, if no one else . . . but I won’t watch anymore if they kill Klaus!!

How are they going to get themselves out of this one?

Tune in tomorrow night for the season finale!


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