Thirteen Things We Learned From 4.08 “Voodoo In My Blood”

As we know, two familiar faces will be returning this episode – Davina and Alaric. While I love both characters, the fact that Davina is coming back from the dead is . . . well, its concerning. Is she coming to help? AND if she does, is she going to want something in return?  Will Kol get to see her? And, Alaric . . . Alaric is an encyclopedia of knowledge of the occult, but why wasn’t he brought in until now?  And what does the, now deceased, Lockwood family have to do with all this?  Are they all really dead?  Why does The Hollow have the Crescent Wolf birthmark? How are all these things connected to Hayley’s parents?

Let’s see what we can find out! (And see how many more questions we get in return!!)

1.  Flashbacks are still super cool. But when babies start glowing like The Hollow, maybe they aren’t so cool after all!

After two powerful tribes were united in marriage – like the one between Hayley and Jackson *sniff* – something went horribly wrong (doesn’t it always?) with the baby that came from it. They prayed over the pregnant mother, blessing the baby with power, and when Inadu was born it was clear she was more powerful than anyone expected. She was born, craving even more power. And that’s how The Hollow was born.

Apparently, her family tried to stop her.  But that was the beginning of the end.  She killed them all.

Inadu only has one weakness. Davina says . . . its Hayley.

2.  Jawbones of dead witches that used to sacrifice children should not follow you when you walk around the table they are sitting on. Nothing good can come from this . . .

And when Hope gives you a message from the witch Ancestors – you listen. Because its creepy. Very creepy.

3.  The Lockwoods were many things. Apparently, meticulous record-keepers were one of those things. Alaric tells Klaus that they kept records, with names, dates, and addresses, of other people who were tasked with protecting the rest of the remains. He asks Klaus, too, if the name Labonair means anything to him. Um. Yeah. Duh!

4.  When Klaus suggests that Elijah should work with Marcel, Elijah’s face is priceless.

Mr Awesome Scruff is shocked! Shocked AND appalled!

5.  And Mr Awesome Scruff who is DONE with everything, is bargaining with the only weapon that can take Marcel’s life. In ear-shot of the one person on the entire planet that he SHOULD NOT be talking about such things in ear-shot of. DO NOT TRUST THIS WOMAN!!!!

6.  Girl knows how to make an entrance!

Proving she is the bad-ass witch she always was, and is still not intimidated by Klaus.

7.  In New Orleans, just as in Mystic Falls, if your radio goes wonky, and then the car you’re driving starts to sputter, you’re already in trouble. But, don’t get out of the car. Don’t go, willingingly, into the mouth of danger, Alaric. You should know better.  You really should.

And, maybe he does know better. I mean, look, he clearly had a plan:

8.  Even when The Hollow is inside a creepy, scary psychopath mercenary . . . still kinda sexy.

9.   Not only is Inadu/The Hollow creepy strong, deadly, and feeds on power . . . some of her bones are, actually, indestructible. The tribes burned her remains, after they killed her, but 4 bones could not be destroyed.  (P. S. Who’s got the pelvis?!)

10.  In order to trap Inadu/The Hollow (how about Indau Hollow? That makes life easier, doesn’t it?), there has to be a “release of power, like the kind you get when you sacrifice the life of an immortal.” Now, Klaus thinks he’s only being channeled, as he is a constant source of energy . . . and isn’t one of either Klaus or Marcel’s death exactly what Inadu Hollow wants?

11.  The “poison rose bush” is still in play. It will kill an Original, and Davina sent The Harvest Girls to go get some.  But it isn’t the Harvest Girls that do this to Elijah.

12.  Every time this little girl takes her bracelet off, my “worried Momma” instincts come out.  And, this time, I had no need to worry. Hope knows what she wants – her family – and she will use her powers to keep them alive and together.

And when she runs to her Daddy, making sure he’s ok . . . it is VERY hard to believe that Summer is not Joseph’s own child.

And this face is THE CUTEST THING EVER.

13.  Alaric’s impassioned speech about the school he’s created with Caroline for gifted children is something you need to witness for yourself. It’s amazing. (Matt Davis is amazing.) The fact that we know, from the jump forward in the last episode of  The Vampire Diaries, that Klaus gives a sizable donation to their school is proof that he was also moved by the speech.

(And I may have been chanting “go to Mystic Falls, be with Caroline, go to Mystic Falls, be with Caroline” over and over again . . . .)

BONUS:  Elijah never forgave himself for ripping out Marcel’s heart 5 years ago. Its something he confesses to Marcel, while waiting for Alaric to arrive. It is, by no means, a huge thing. However, it lends a little more awwwwwww (a LOT more, I should say) to his character.

PLOT TWIST:  Elijah goes to Marcel’s with the blade, and Sofya gets the jump on him – stabbing him in the back with something covered in thorns.

The Haylijah moment toward the end of the episode is heart-breaking in its honesty, and sweet in the promises of the future. The sadness comes from the fact that it seems someone will die to trap Indau Hollow.

The folks that put the music together for this show need awards. ALLLLLLL the awards. The song over the last few minutes – Hayley telling Elijah to give Marcel the blade that can kill him, Marcel talking to Davina at her grave – is perfection in musical form.

Well, indeed we got a few answers. And we got more questions, as expected.

Tune in tonight to see what happens next!!


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