The Best #Originals Snark From 4.07 “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”

As you know, every The Originals episode is full of zingers, one-liners, and the occasional moving speech. This episode was no different, and started with the very first exchange between the characters!

Elijah: * makes disgusted noise * O+? You heathen.

Klaus: If you hadn’t been so hasty to kill him, we’d be dealing with the Devil we know.
Elijah: Spoken by the Devil I know best of all.

Klaus: And while you’re out cavorting all over town, I’m what? Grounded?”
Elijah: Essentially.

JoMo does seething anger so very well, doesn’t he?

And that was just in the first few minutes of the episode! No one can burn you better than a sibling! NO ONE!

Hope’s reciting of the poem she found in one of Marcel’s old books is just so haunting, I had to include it here. (“A Man of Words and Not of Deeds” by John Fletcher)

A man of words, and not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds.
And when the weeds begin to crawl, its like a bird upon the wall.
And when the bird away, does fly, its like an eagle in the sky.
When the sky begins to roar, its like a lion at the door.
And when the door begins to crack, its like a stick across your back.
And when your back begins to smart, its like a knife inside your heart.
And when your heart begins to bleed, you’re dead, and dead, and dead indeed.

Keelin: Love Potion Number Nine?
Freya: Boundary spell. Trying to protect my family against evil bastards who refuse to remain dead.

Hayley: She doesn’t want to be worshiped. She just wants someone to hold the other end of the jump rope.

And this is part of that ^ same conversation, but I had to include the picture of this adorable smirk. I was compelled, I tell ya!

Klaus: * gasps * Oh, look at that! How to Defeat The Hollow, Volume One, hidden in here amongst these old Guns N Roses records. Oh, sweet child of mine.

Klaus made a joke! And it was simply adorable.

And, as always, Josh has some of the best lines, even when pretending to be Marcel. (Don’t get it? Watch the episode!!) Here’s just a few of them:

Josh: Whoa.
Freya: I need a vampire to do a spell. You . . . just volunteered.
Josh: Riiiight. So, let’s see, you threw my best friend into a supernatural Hell World, but, sure let me bend over backwards and do you a favor.

Freya: So, are you helping, or are you whining?
Josh: If I say no, your brothers are going to do something totally uncool with my entrails.

Freya: Say something.
Josh (as Marcel)/Jarcel: I’m just super overwhelmed by the sheer number of jokes I could make about being in this body. It is an emarrasment of really inappropriate riches.
Freya: Ok, so when you’re done entertaining yourself, I’d like to get back to the life and death situation we’re dealing with.

Jarcel: Freya, I was just thinking. Let’s never hang out again. Like ever.

Even the bad guys got a few in:

Sofya: For a dead guy, you look awfully healthy.
Dominic: Only a fool would attend a Mikaelson party without a protection spell.

This is, by far, my favorite line of the show. Hope shows that she really is Klaus and Hayley’s daughter, when she shows her sassy side to Marcel in the dungeon.

Marcel: I’ll tell you anything you wanna know, ok, if you get me some blood from your Dad’s stash.
Hope: I’m seven, not stupid.

In case you haven’t seen last week’s episode, get caught up on the CW’s site before tonight’s 4.08 “Voodoo in My Blood.” And, if you don’t have time for all that, read my “Thirteen Things We Learned” post here.

And, as always, if I missed your favorite line, LET ME KNOW!! Hit me up in the comments, or on Twitter!


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