13 Things We Learned from The Originals 3.6 “Beautiful Mistake”

So, the plot thickens as we enter the sixth episode of this season. We now know that Lucien and Tristan are, on some level, working together. We know that Aurora only shunned Klaus all those years ago, because Elijah was scared (of Mikael’s impending arrival) and discovered his brother’s secret (Klaus killed their mother, blamed the wolves) while also discovering that wonderful little vampire tool we all know and love – compulsion.

Lucien knew that Cami and Vincent (it is still so hard not to call him FINNcent) were following him, and dropped a Marionette Murder victim in her lap, leading to her subsequent arrest by Detective Kinney, and the seizure of all the O’Connell Black Magic Goodies from the Closet of Dangerous Things.

So, what did we learn from “Beautiful Mistake?” Here goes:




1.  Freya located NewBekah in Morocco and decided she’d rather drink via magic with her sister than send her a magic letter. The Strix are converging on NOLA, Freya tells her, and NewBekah says she may be one step closer to bringing Kol back from the dead.




2.  Aya is a bad ass. But mostly because she sneaks up on you from behind, right NewBekah? In slitting NewBekah’s human throat, we GET CLAIRE HOLT BACK!!!! Unfortunately, it comes with Rebekah gasping awake, in her coffin, surrounded by a Strix members. (And they even took her phone!!!) Aya was sent to find the “unguarded Mickelson,” but she “only has chains enough for one” so I’m thinking she may have been after Kol? (Or I could be completely off my mark there.) But, when Aya and Rebekah fight it is so very much more than your typical TV girl fight. And then Freya comes to the magical rescue, snapping every one of the Strix’s necks with one phrase and telling Rebekah to run while she can.




3.  Flashbacks aren’t always cool and about the wigs. (Freya seeing Elijah and Klaus’s fight from last week reminds us that no one is safe from Klaus’s bite.) “And after all this civil discourse, what understanding did you come to?” Freya asks, dripping sarcasm. “That we expose and destroy our first sired,” Elijah replies. And it seems the boys are talking again. (For now.)




4.  Detective Kinney is going to soon find out the truth about what lurks in New Orleans, me thinks. But, before he finds anything out in this episode, Lucien attacks outside the precinct, knocking Kinney to the ground, and Cami unconscious as well . . . for later tricks. Later tricks include, compelling Kinney to slit his own throat in order to get information out of Cami – the location of a “small, bronze medallion with Runic markings” that should be among the Dark Objects in the Closet of Dangerous Stuff.




5.  Don’t stalk Hayley. She will notice, and you will pay. And she will take you to Marcel’s gym and tie you up. The stalker is Shen Min, and Marcel was told at the Strix party that he was “a torture consultant for Genghis Khan.” Hayley then challenges Marcel to prove his loyalty to her side (not the Strix) by finding out why she was being followed by this guy. Shen Min, apparently also a bad ass, was ordered to “remove her from the playing field” as she is an “obstacle to the thing we truly want” which is . . . drum roll . . . Davina.  Davina is needed to “activate a weapon to use against your family.” And just as Elijah is about to get out of Shen Min what that weapon is, Shen Min pushes off Elijah, sheds his daylight ring, and steps into the sunlight. Bye, Shen Min!




6.  Elijah utters this line, which is both harsh and dripping with truth. “Still, Klaus thinks she (Aurora) can be swayed. Although his perspective of family loyalty is schizophrenic at best.”




7.  Lucien and Tristan have good reason to loathe their sires. Elijah confesses to Freya, “I compelled Lucien to believe that he was Niklaus, and Aurora to believe she was Rebekah, and Tristan myself – after I’d sired him of course,” essentially making them bait in Mikael’s search to destroy his children. Mikael hunted his “decoy children” for “the better part of a century” and then the real Originals were “inconveniently daggered” which, of course, broke the compulsion and Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora learned of the ruse.




8.  Freya is ridiculously in tune with her siblings, sensing NewBekah is in trouble.




9.  Lucien’s penthouse is breath-taking. (See #4, and view some beautiful BTS shots courtesy of EW HERE)




10.  Aurora really hates Elijah. And given #7, that really is not surprising. The three of them, after having run from Mikael believing they were the Mickelson, bonded after a century, and when the compulsion ended, they “swore a pact of vengeance.” They spent a great deal of time looking for a weapon they could use against the Mikaelsons – that would only kill The Originals, not their sire lines as well – but Lucien and Tristan still squabbled amongst themselves.




11.  Detective Kinney learns a little of what it must’ve been like for Cami’s twin brother Sean, when he was made to massacre people in Saint Ann’s. He and Cami bond over this realization, and Kinney tells her that he has a sister that he’d like Cami to watch over if he doesn’t make it out of his current situation.




12.  Cami kinda sucks at the whole “bargaining with a crazy person” thing, because she tries to outwit Lucien and fails, ending up giving him the very thing he wants.




13.  Rebekah hasn’t lost an ounce of her stubbornness in the time that she was NewBekah. But, if she’s coming home without the spell to save Kol, she wants assurances that “my niece’s mum and that handsome fool better be alive when I get back.” Even though she promises Elijah that she’ll be right home, she tells Freya she’s getting that spell first. When she arrives – with what I shall call Spirit Freya – to get the spell from the witch, Spirit Freya notices a few things hanging from the walls. When Rebekah gets her hand on the spell, Spirit Freya notices a few more of the things (you know, witch stuff, chicken feet, sinew) and you can tell she’s uneasy. As Rebekah tries to leave, the witch traps her, burning the spell in the process. And Aya reappears. When Spirit Freya goes for the spell rescue, Aya reveals that only her witch can do spells there and Freya’s doesn’t work. Once Spirit Freya is forced to leave, Aya produces a very ornate looking dagger, which seems to work the same way as the daggers Klaus used on his siblings in the past.




BIG REVEAL:  The weapon everyone is on about in this episode (a bronze disc whose markings remind me a bit of the Ascendant from The Vampire Diaries last season) is called The Serratura which, according to Aurora, “it is capable of producing an unbreakable boundary. My brother and Lucien want to use it to lock you and your siblings away forever so that no one may harm you, but to do so, they need all three of you in one place.” Aurora took measures to protect her sire, however, by replacing some of Aya’s men with some of her own. They took Rebekah’s body from Aya’s men so, Rebekah is as safe as anyone can be in the hands of a crazy redhead.

BONUS 1:  Elijah coming to Hayley’s rescue is a beautiful thing. He doesn’t even bother asking if Marcel is alright.

BONUS 2: Klaus walking around Layfayette Cemetery is oh so very sexy . . .

BONUS 3:  Lucien, when he compels Detective Kinney, he goes straight for the “you’ll grow to hate yourself” card.

Sidebar:  When a man reveals a portrait of you, hidden in the wall of his family’s compound . . . you might just have been the love of his life. Because that is not in the slightest bit creepy. “I thought if I painted what haunted me, I could free myself of you forever,” Klaus whispers, “in all my years, I’ve never been more wrong about anything.”  {And my Klaroline heart breaks . . . *sniff*}

The theme of the episode seemed to be, for Cami and Kinney at least, “against vampires, humans always lose.”

So, you know nothing could possibly go wrong with Aurora’s plan, right? And what happens now with the whole “bringing Kol back” storyline? Has Nathaniel Bucolic been cut, again? This Serratuna thing sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it?

Until next week!!


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