Joseph Morgans Talks The Originals Thanksgiving and More


TVLine, EW and Seat42F are among several news outlets that have had the chance to sit down with Joseph Morgan to talk tonight’s Thanksgiving episode of The Originals. Check out what Joseph teased about the episode and more of what’s to come.

Via TVLine:

TVLINE | Klaus has been spending a lot of time with Aurora. What do you like that about their relationship?
We talked on numerous occasions, [Julie] Plec and [Michael] Narducci and I, about Klaus having little to no love interests in the first two seasons. I always thought that if there was going to be a woman in his life, it would be quite a destructive relationship — it would have to be someone primal who could challenge him on every level. I feel like that’s what they’ve done in creating Aurora. On top of that, they have this huge history, including a past betrayal by Elijah, so we’re really able to draw from the past. Present-day Klaus and Aurora are very different from past Klaus and Aurora, so it’s fun to play those differences, as well.

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Via EW:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So I’m not sure if Aurora taking Rebekah’s body proves that she’s trustworthy or the exact opposite. Does Klaus trust her at this point?
I guess in her twisted little mind she’s taken Rebekah for safekeeping and possibly saved her from a worse fate. But she’s also now using Rebekah as a pawn in this game. We already saw her manipulate him going, “Nothing will happen to Rebekah as long as you do what I say so come back to bed.”


That’s not the worst command. 
[Laughs] Let’s see how far she goes with it. I think his mind’s going a mile a minute now and I think he’s equal parts impressed and utterly betrayed and vengeful. It just seems like something he would do, and I think he can’t believe that he’s been Klaus’d.[Laughs] I think they were on the path to regaining some trust and rekindling some romance it seemed and I think that put the brakes on and now he’s in full plotting mode.

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Via Seat42F:

Talking about the Klaus/Cami friendship and the fact that Aurora is now in the picture, Joseph shared:  “It will be interesting to see that play out.  It definitely does effect it and both characters become aware of each other – although not quite yet – but I would say that initially it is going to hinder it because, as we know, there is some kind of – well, certainly a possessiveness over Cami and a feeling of wanting to protect her — whatever else you can say about his relationship with her. So having a possessive ex-girlfriend come into town is going to make things difficult.  Like, ‘You’re spending all this time alone with who? And for what purpose?’ So it definitely puts strain on that relationship.”

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