Danielle Campbell Teases Season 2 Finale and VERY Different Season 3 via EW

The Brothers That Care Forgot

EW sat down with The Originals’ resident teenage witch to talk about the upcoming Season 2 finale. And check out what she had to say about season 3.

Expect a very different season 3. When asked about how the season 2 finale compares to the first season’s, Campbell said, “The drama’s heightened so much,” adding, “The ending of this season is really exciting because it almost sets up next season to be a whole new show. I know that’s a really big statement, but it closes so many of those doors that have been left open from last season and fromVampire Diaries. And so next season, you’re really going to see this whole new twist. It’s going to be really exciting.”

Read more from the interview over at EW.


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