The Originals Spoilers: Michael Narducci Teases Upcoming Episodes via TV Fanatic

Moon Over Bourbon Street

TV Fanatic sat down with Michael Narducci to chat about The Originals and what’s to come in the final 3 episodes.

TVF: Are we going to see more soon with the Elijah/Hayley/Jackson triangle or even maybe a Rebekah/Marcel rekindling? Anything on the horizon in the romantic vein?

MN: It is a time of fear and sadness and war and things are spiraling out of control but some of those romantic couples that you mentioned are going to have some time together between now and the end of the season. Either involving some intense agony and tension and fear as the bombs are going off all around them and they have to decide what they’re going to do. Or at moments where you pick up the pieces and you need somebody to lean on and someone else can be there for these people. We’re going to see all of that, I hope, by the end of the season.

TVF: Can you talk to whether we’re going to see Kol again? Maybe a resurrection is coming?

MN: I will tease that Davina is hell bent on bringing Kol back and Davina is in episodes 19, 20, 21 and 22 and in episode 20, a big piece to the resurrection puzzle will come into focus by the end of the episode. All I will say is Davina is not the kind of person to let something like this slide through her fingers. She’s been wanting to find a way to bring back Kol since he died in episode 14. She’s been working around the clock and in episode 20 she’ll get a hint as to how she might accomplish that. And I will say episode 22 is a big episode for that storyline.

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