13 Things We Learned from The Originals Episode 4.01 “Gather Up The Killers”

It sure has been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, The Originals is back, and so am I! I cannot WAIT to get into this season!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?


1. FIVE years have passed since the Mikaelsons were “defeated” (ie, put into a slumber/dream world state so that Hayley could find cures for their various hexes and not-hybrid-but-worse bites).

There has been peace in NOLA, the vampires and the witches reached an agreement of sorts, it seems. (Keep in mind that that is NOT a three-way truce, including the werewolves.) But, as we find out pretty quickly from Marcel’s informant, there are folks out there that want to steal his prized prisoner . . . . Klaus. So, Marcel asks Vincent to keep the witches corralled in The Cauldron until the threat has passed. (We also learn that Vincent fancies a witch named Maxine, who has a young, witch son named Adam.)


2. The covens may not be quite as pacified by this “peace” as they thought.

Sigils are showing up all over the city, meetings are happening at midnight. Does Vincent (the new leader of the witches) know something about this? Or are they happening without his knowledge?


3. Hayley is declared “off limits” by Marcel, but there are others who are looking for her.

Alistair, for one, who is in NOLA and wanting Klaus’s blood to track both the Mikealson’s and to the not-so-baby-anymore Baby Hope. Now, we allllll know that Marcel is fine with violence AS LONG AS NO CHILDREN ARE HURT, so this is something he takes issue with.


4. Hayley has been watching over the coffins of her new family all this time.

And it seems as though she opens Elijah’s every once in a while to gaze on Mr Awesome Scruff – and who wouldn’t?! And Hope is a big girl now (and a redhead, which I LOVE) and, apparently, is quite powerful. Hayley says that she has “a power that I don’t understand” which can’t be good for ANY child, especially one as hunted as a Mikaelson is.


5. Hayley needs a member of each of the 7 werewolf packs.

Mary tells her that she was able to find 6. She thought the 7th was killed off, but there may be one left. (We later meet Keelin, Hayley kidnaps her to get the last werewolf bloodline to cure Elijah & Kol from Marcel’s bite). Mary is suspicious that, after 5 years of nothing, suddenly Hayley has allllll the answers to waking/curing alllllll the Mikealsons.


6. Josh is the Rousseaus’s DJ and still has the best lines.


7. Klaus is no longer behind a brick wall. Marcel has him in chains, barely alive, but free of Papa Tunde’s Blade of Torment.

But, Marcel learns a valuable lesson about Klaus. Even in chains, starved, tormented, and seemingly defeated, YOU STILL CANNOT TRUST HIM. Klaus goads Marcel into believing that Alistair’s weakness is pride, convincing Marcel to throw Alistair a welcoming party which should bring Alistair in line with Marcel’s wishes. As one might expect, it doesn’t go as Marcel thought it would.


8. Alistair has a wicked Scottish accent, and a more wicked sword (which plays a pretty big role in this episode).

And he wants Klaus dead for compelling him to slaughter his own entire family, proof of his torture, and a drop of Klaus’s blood. Alistair has been told that Elijah still lives, his life tethered to some immortal source (which is Klaus), and Alistair wants to find out if any of this is true. We also learn that Alistair is the one who has people on Hayley’s heels, and gives the order to have her killed.


9. Hayley is a badass. (Which we really already knew, but it needs to be reiterated for this episode.)

The Haylijah heat is still there (thank everything that is holy), and can be summed up in the above clip (where she’s already naked, I might add) (see at 2:22).


10.  Marcel knows that Klaus’s siblings are tethered to him.

He had Vincent research it, when he realized that Elijah’s sire line was still alive after Marcel (with his wicked new powers) bit him. And he’s also upset that Klaus kinda conned him into exposing what Alistair wanted because that whole “stroke his ego with a party thing” was . . . yep, a lie. Even scruffy, long haired (fecking GORGEOUS), chained, tortured, starved, Klaus’s brain is still working. If Marcel kills Alistair for challenging him in public, then the whole “Elijah’s sire line is still alive” thing is exposed. If Marcel lets Alistair in to see Klaus, they run the risk of Alistair getting Klaus’s blood and being able to track Hayley, Hope, and the rest of the Mikaelsons. CONUNDRUM!!! (And Klaus’s face when Marcel mentions that Alistair could track Hope . . . wow. And again, when Alistair mentions her . . . double wow.)


11.  “Original Strength” is an adjective now.

Vincent constructs a boundary spell, and Marcel tells him it needs to be “Original Strength.” And then we have Alistair vs Klaus in the Thunderdome. Oh, sorry, I mean the dilapidated Mikaelson compound.



12. Marcel still gives an excellent speech.

His explanation to his followers about why he’s kept Klaus around instead of killing him is something you need to see for yourself.


13. Freya is the first to wake up. Only she can put together the ingredients that Hayley has gathered to cure Elijah and Kol.

Freya is also a badass. A badass witch. She has only an hour to get her stuff together and cure the boys, before they die, because once she woke up, their suspended animation ended. And she even kills someone in the middle of all this conjuring!

BONUS: Papa Tunde’s blade made another appearance. And that’s supposed to make us think that you’re strong, Marcel?

PROBLEM:  If Hayley wolfs out, shouldn’t there be a pile of clothes left behind? Or do her clothes just disappear when she wolfs out? And, if that is the case, why do we hear them ripping?

QUESTIONS:  Has Keelin’s purpose been served? Freya seems to think not. 2) The snake eating its own tail – why is Hope drawing it? Why is it appearing all over NOLA?  Why is Hope dreaming (I think we can safely assume this) about Adam? What was in that light that made Adam scream, and scared Hope awake?

Join us next week, as Hayley heads back to NOLA to get Klaus for answers, and more questions!


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