Daniel Gillies Interviews: Family War, Romantic Hardships & More!


Lots of Daniel Gillies interviews popping up this morning, we’ll post more as they become available. But first, check out what Daniel had to say about the impending Family War, romantic hardships and more!

Via THR:

“He’s wary,” the actor tells The Hollywood Reporterof Elijah’s suspicions. “Kol was certainly troublesome when he was around. The moment that Elijah becomes aware that Finn has made a return, Elijah will be suspicious that his mother is somewhere in the picture because Finn has a deep allegiance to [Esther].”

When Klaus and Elijah discover their parents’ resurrections (and the time will come soon), their mission becomes clear: Terminate them with any means possible. But Gillies wonders whether the Mikaelson family could become one again, despite their tumultuous family history.

“If I were an audience member, I would be more curious about whether or not they could find resolution or some degree of understanding about their history,” Gillies says. “There’s no denying that there’s something vulgar about Mikael and his pursuit to rid the world of his children, or so it seems, but I’m not certain that Klaus is much better, in terms of his morality.”

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Via Access Hollywood:

“If he’s to return their kingdom back to them, then yes, that would mean Klaus and Hayley would be in this home with this child. I think that Elijah imagines in some sense – I would like to think that he imagines — that he would become, at the very least, a mentor of sorts, if not another father to this child. I think he really does wish both his brother and… the woman he loves, joy and peace,” Daniel told Access Hollywood. “To our human minds, this sounds sort of appalling. ‘Do I really want to return this family to the place where I believe it should be, because won’t that bite me in the a**e when Klaus is ultimately a father again? I totally understand how that dynamic might not work for Elijah, but I think that right now he wants to believe that it can.”

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Via TVLine:

Speaking of that all-important “F” word, there’s also the small matter of Klaus and Elijah’s resurrected parents and siblings wanting them dead. At the moment, Gillies says Esther poses a far larger threat than Mikael — partially because Davina currently has the Mikaelson matriarch by the fangs, but also because the boys’ mother is just that powerful.

“Mikael has always seemed like a threat that Klaus and Elijah could handle if they were able to work together,” Gillies explains. “But Esther is a whole different kettle of fish. She’s not just the most powerful witch in New Orleans; she might be the most powerful creature in their entire dimension.”

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Via EW:

Along with flashbacks to Elijah’s time with his mother, fans know to expect a glimpse into the time when Elijah and Klaus both fell for original doppelganger Tatia. And with that, they’ll get to know human Elijah a little better. So how does human Elijah differ from the noble vampire fans know? “It’s an innocence,” Gillies said. “Speaking to Elijah’s great curse and blessing—this enormous sense of understanding—it comes directly from that love of innocence. From the moment we met him, even within The Vampire Diaries, he always had this adoration of Elena Gilbert, and understanding that the finite human life—as vulgar as it might look to someone like Niklaus—Elijah holds it within great reverence. The way Elijah might look at a Stephen Hawking or Mahatma Gandhi or an Albert Einstein, he has a deep love of not just human excellence but also of human compassion and what a human being can achieve within a human lifetime. And I think that innocence, i.e. the ability to die, in a way is something that’s become more and more precious, and dare I say it, probably even more and more of a temptation to him as he’s aged.”

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E!Online Talked to both Daniel Gillies & Phoebe Tonkin on Haylijah:

“I wouldn’t call it cooling off,” Gillies told us. “Relationships require work, and sometimes they require space and time and healing. If it is cooling right now I suspect it will heat up again and then cool and then heat up like a parabola, that mathematical graph. They dip and they travel up, and ultimately the graph is traveling up and they’re making an ascent overall. And I hope that’s the cast because I like them together. I think they’re a sweet, dysfunctional, mismatched twosome who found each other in the storm and I love that about their love.”

Tonkin explains that Hayley’s new vampire senses are making it impossible for her to be rational, and seeing as how Elijah is the definition of rational, they’re not seeing eye-to-eye at the moment.

“Hayley’s put up a bit of a wall and isn’t allowing Elijah to get past that,” Tonkin said. “Both of them are dealing with the situation very differently—Hayley’s being destructive and Elijah is being logical and she doesn’t like that. She wants everyone to be angry and wanting revenge and she’s disappointed that he’s behaving so calmly about everything. Also I think she’s terrified of being hurt again and doesn’t want to show who she really is to him now that she’s a hybrid. It’s a tragic love story right now. They’re both putting up walls and are being defensive.”

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