The Originals Episode 4.05 “I Hear You Knocking” Episode Stills

Finally, we have some episode stills for tomorrow night’s episode titled “I Hear You Knocking”. I’m hearing that the episodes this season are so spoiler heavy and that is why we haven’t been getting a whole lot of stills for… Continue Reading


The Originals Episode 4.03 “Haunter of Ruins” Episode Stills

We now have the episode stills for this Friday’s episode, “Haunter of Ruins”. While Klaus and Hope bond, the rest of the family is in turmoil as Elijah is forced to settle a rift between Hayley and Freya. View the… Continue Reading


The Originals Episode 4.01 “Gather Up the Killers” Episode Stills

We finally have episode stills from The Originals Season 4 Premiere titled “Gather Up the Killers”. The episode premieres one week after the series finale of The Vampire Diaries on March 17th. We also get our first look at Containment’s… Continue Reading