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Lots of Daniel Gillies interviews popping up this morning, we’ll post more as they become available. But first, check out what Daniel had to say about the impending Family War, romantic hardships and more!

Via THR:

“He’s wary,” the actor tells The Hollywood Reporterof Elijah’s suspicions. “Kol was certainly troublesome when he was around. The moment that Elijah becomes aware that Finn has made a return, Elijah will be suspicious that his mother is somewhere in the picture because Finn has a deep allegiance to [Esther].”

When Klaus and Elijah discover their parents’ resurrections (and the time will come soon), their mission becomes clear: Terminate them with any means possible. But Gillies wonders whether the Mikaelson family could become one again, despite their tumultuous family history.

“If I were an audience member, I would be more curious about whether or not they could find resolution or some degree of understanding about their history,” Gillies says. “There’s no denying that there’s something vulgar about Mikael and his pursuit to rid the world of his children, or so it seems, but I’m not certain that Klaus is much better, in terms of his morality.”

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Via Access Hollywood:

“If he’s to return their kingdom back to them, then yes, that would mean Klaus and Hayley would be in this home with this child. I think that Elijah imagines in some sense – I would like to think that he imagines — that he would become, at the very least, a mentor of sorts, if not another father to this child. I think he really does wish both his brother and… the woman he loves, joy and peace,” Daniel told Access Hollywood. “To our human minds, this sounds sort of appalling. ‘Do I really want to return this family to the place where I believe it should be, because won’t that bite me in the a**e when Klaus is ultimately a father again? I totally understand how that dynamic might not work for Elijah, but I think that right now he wants to believe that it can.”

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Via TVLine:

Speaking of that all-important “F” word, there’s also the small matter of Klaus and Elijah’s resurrected parents and siblings wanting them dead. At the moment, Gillies says Esther poses a far larger threat than Mikael — partially because Davina currently has the Mikaelson matriarch by the fangs, but also because the boys’ mother is just that powerful.

“Mikael has always seemed like a threat that Klaus and Elijah could handle if they were able to work together,” Gillies explains. “But Esther is a whole different kettle of fish. She’s not just the most powerful witch in New Orleans; she might be the most powerful creature in their entire dimension.”

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Via EW:

Along with flashbacks to Elijah’s time with his mother, fans know to expect a glimpse into the time when Elijah and Klaus both fell for original doppelganger Tatia. And with that, they’ll get to know human Elijah a little better. So how does human Elijah differ from the noble vampire fans know? “It’s an innocence,” Gillies said. “Speaking to Elijah’s great curse and blessing—this enormous sense of understanding—it comes directly from that love of innocence. From the moment we met him, even within The Vampire Diaries, he always had this adoration of Elena Gilbert, and understanding that the finite human life—as vulgar as it might look to someone like Niklaus—Elijah holds it within great reverence. The way Elijah might look at a Stephen Hawking or Mahatma Gandhi or an Albert Einstein, he has a deep love of not just human excellence but also of human compassion and what a human being can achieve within a human lifetime. And I think that innocence, i.e. the ability to die, in a way is something that’s become more and more precious, and dare I say it, probably even more and more of a temptation to him as he’s aged.”

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E!Online Talked to both Daniel Gillies & Phoebe Tonkin on Haylijah:

“I wouldn’t call it cooling off,” Gillies told us. “Relationships require work, and sometimes they require space and time and healing. If it is cooling right now I suspect it will heat up again and then cool and then heat up like a parabola, that mathematical graph. They dip and they travel up, and ultimately the graph is traveling up and they’re making an ascent overall. And I hope that’s the cast because I like them together. I think they’re a sweet, dysfunctional, mismatched twosome who found each other in the storm and I love that about their love.”

Tonkin explains that Hayley’s new vampire senses are making it impossible for her to be rational, and seeing as how Elijah is the definition of rational, they’re not seeing eye-to-eye at the moment.

“Hayley’s put up a bit of a wall and isn’t allowing Elijah to get past that,” Tonkin said. “Both of them are dealing with the situation very differently—Hayley’s being destructive and Elijah is being logical and she doesn’t like that. She wants everyone to be angry and wanting revenge and she’s disappointed that he’s behaving so calmly about everything. Also I think she’s terrified of being hurt again and doesn’t want to show who she really is to him now that she’s a hybrid. It’s a tragic love story right now. They’re both putting up walls and are being defensive.”

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Check out the latest Originals scoop from EW’s Spoiler Room!

Will we see in the Kol flashbacks if he ever met people like Katherine and Marcel on The Originals? — Tom

There are no guarantees in terms of which characters Kol will run into via flashbacks, but I can tell you one of the time periods we’ll be visiting with his character. “When we first met the Original family, Kol Mikaelson is undaggered and he’s walking around, and he’s dressed in garb that looks like it’s from the early 20th century,” executive producer Michael Narducci. “He’s ostensibly been daggered since that time, [so] what was the story of that and what did that look like? We want to tell a bigger story that gives us an element or an idea of where everybody was throughout their time. Klaus daggered his siblings for a reason and what was that reason?” Well, considering it’s Klaus, does he ever really need a reason?

The CW has released a 2nd preview clip for episode 2.02 “Alive and Kicking”. The brothers disagree and on how to deal with Hayley.


The CW has released the synopsis for Episode 2.04 titled “Live and Let Die”. SPOILER ALERT!!

A HIDEOUT IN THE WOODS — Knowing that it’s only a matter of time before Klaus (Joseph Morgan) comes after them, Davina (Danielle Campbell) takes Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche) to her family cabin in the woods.  When Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) gets a tip that Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood) is recruiting young, unsuspecting teenagers in order to build a werewolf army, she enlists the help of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) to rescue the group.  After Cami (Leah Pipes) inadvertently lets Klaus in on Davina’s whereabouts, she tags along in an attempt to truly understand the deeply rooted hatred he has for his parents.  At his mother’s urging, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) seeks out Davina in order to locate the missing white oak stake and is caught off guard when he has a dangerous encounter at the cabin.  Lastly, Josh (guest star Steven Kruger), who continues to struggle with his vampire identity, opens up to an unexpected ally.  Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Ashley Lyle & Bart Nickerson (#204).  Original airdate 10/27/2014.

You’ve seen all the previews, you’ve picked apart the character portraits (click for Klaus’s, Elijah’sCami’s, Davina’s, Hayley’s, and Marcel’s), and now its time for the new season!!!  (And, really, what is up with that naked cat?!)

Are you ready?!!

Buckle up, because HERE WE GO!!

There were funny moments (Al Capone reference), there were moments that were heartbreaking (Hayley and Elijah Part 1), and there were moments that were lacking in the drama that they were supposed to convey (Hayley and Elijah Part 2, and Hayley’s killing of . . . I’m getting ahead of myself), there were WTF moments (that new hot accented guy is really WHO?!), and there were the great twisty-turny moments that we’ve come to know and love.

Its great to have the Mikelsons back.

2.1.1But, not-so-great to have to be reminded AT THE VERY START that we’ve lost one of THE BEST deliverers of one-liners in this show, Rebekah.  Her telling Hope of the story unfolding in the Quarter was almost painful because I already miss her so very much.  Auntie Becks tells Hope the story of what’s been going on in New Orleans to catch us up (as if we could have forgotten!), reminding us who the enemies are (The Guerrera Werewolves, The Witches).

The new stuff starts with Elijah talking to some of the werewolves about why they can’t tear down some dump of a building – something about a Preservation Society – but I wasn’t really paying attention because ELIJAH’S FACIAL HAIR!!!  Like, seriously, Daniel Gillies with scruff (and I’m not a fan of scruff) is something to behold.  AND IS ALSO WRONG CONSIDERING VAMPIRES DO NOT CHANGE, AND THEREFORE CANNOT SPROUT FACIAL HAIR!

But, I digress.

2.1.3Mr Amazing Facial Hair is still talking about things like columns, and we get a flash of the ring that one of the wolves is wearing. This is information for later.  Promise.

And next?  Klaus temper tantrum.  He’s tearing up canvases, complaining that he doesn’t have the color he needs (read:  BLOOD).  He and Elijah exchange a few brotherly barbs, and we’re (once again) reminded of the plot. Elijah tells Klaus he’s found the last two Klaus-zapping rings are (we just saw them in the abandoned building thing) and is worried about Hayley.  She’s grieving alone.


Check it out! The CW has released a preview clip for next week’s episode “Alive and Kicking”. Elijah and Marcel have a little chit chat.

The CW has released the extended preview for next week’s episode “Alive and Kicking”.

the-originals-season-2-rebirth-photos (2)

The Originals EP, Michael Narducci along with Phoebe Tonkin talk tonight’s season premiere and this shocking plot twist that was revealed! We have excerpts from EW, TVLine and THR up first. We will post more as they come in. SPOILER ALERT!

Via EW:

First things first, after four months of driving Francesca crazy with their inaction, the Original family finally got their revenge, and Hayley ended up getting to do the honors. “It definitely is kind of a bit of a teamwork situation,” Tonkin said of Francesca’s death. “As much as it’s hard for both [Hayley and Klaus], that baby was literally ripped out of Hayley to be sacrificed and part of Hayley is just missing right now, and that tiny thing of killing Francesca [could] help Hayley a little bit.”

Read more over at EW.

Via TVLine:

AUNTIE BEX | If you found yourself chanting “More Rebekah, please!” after Monday’s premiere, we’ve got some good news: “We’re going to see Rebekah and we’re going to see baby Hope, and that’s going to be an important part [of the season],” Narducci teases. “As to what Esther’s plan for that baby is … Esther thinks the baby died. Esther doesn’t know where Rebekah is. She’s coming back with a definite agenda that we’ll start to see unpacked in Episodes 2 and 3.”

Read more over at TVLine.

Via THR:

What are Kol’s intentions with Davina? The second explores Kol’s interests “and it takes off from there.” While Esther may be dead-set on accomplishing her end-goal, Davina’s presence (described as a “wild card”) will be an obstacle she’ll be forced to contend with. Kol, “who happened to be placed into the body of an extremely handsome and charming British witch might be the best guy to find out what’s going on with Davina,” Narducci said of Esther’s plans.

Read more over at THR.

Via E!Online:

“Finn hates vampires,” Narducci said. “He was kept in a box for 900 years by Klaus. He doesn’t get along with his siblings. He’s absolutely loyal to his mother. We describe him like Norman Bates, this obsessive need to appease his mother, and we’re going to explain where that comes from and why he is so adamantly on Esther’s side. And with Kol, in the room we always talked about Kol as being the Loki of our story, mischievous, you never know where you’re going to stand with this guy, what’s he going to be up to? I absolutely believe that Esther brings him back to be on her side and a force that she can use to ultimately do what she wants to do which is eliminate vampires. But where does he fall in terms of his loyalties and alliances is one of the great stories that we’re going to play over the course of the season.”

Read more over at E!Online.

Via Zap2It:

Are Hayley and Elijah on permanent pause?
Permanent is such a difficult word. I think that Elijah sees how broken and devastated Hayley is, not just by the loss of having to give up her child but the loss of her pureblooded werewolf aspect. … She spent the time we’ve known her leading into the pilot of the series looking for her family and she actually found them. They accepted her and welcomed her and droves of werewolves were showing up in the bayou because of the promise of this last crescent wolf, this queen. She was happy.

Now she’s no longer a part of that and she’s devastated. She’s going through all the aftereffects that you would expect from someone recently becoming a vampire. On top of that, you’ve got your werewolf wild impulses and your instinctive desire to hunt and kill and that’s accentuated by the fact that she’s a vampire. So she’s a mess. Elijah sees that and at the same time he recognizes that he can only help her so much because he’s not what she is. The person who is what she is and understands what she’s going through is his brother.

Read more over at Zap2It.

Wow…what an amazing start to The Originals Season 2! Holy plot twist! Let me know what you guys thought in the comments, but first, check out the preview for next week’s episode, “Alive and Kicking”.

Our friends at TV After Dark has some scoop from SDCC about The Originals. Julie Plec talks Klaus’ bio dad and new characters coming! Plus the cast shares their thoughts on Season 2.

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