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The CW has released a new trailer for season 2 of The Originals! October 6th can’t come soon enough! What are you guys looking forward to this season? Sound off in the comments!


Thanks to E!Online we have some spoilery scoop about Davina, Mikael AND a new love interest. Check it.

Fernanda: Davina has become such a little badass on The Originals! What can we expect to see for New Orleans’ best witch next season?

A much stronger (and funnier!) Davina, which we are so down with. “It’s really cool to see little Davina completely controlling him,” Danielle Campbell teased of Davina and Mikael’s buddy sitcom-esque dynamic in season two. “They have a lot of banter. It’s just fun. Davina is just completely sarcastic with him and doesn’t care about anything he’s saying.” But he won’t be the only new guy in her life as Davina is getting a new love interest. “There’s a lot to feel out with it, so she’s taking her time,” Campbell said of the young witch’s slow-burn of a new romance with a certain Teen Wolf guest star.


daniel-gillies-sdccPopSugar caught up with Daniel Gillies at SDCC.

How is Elijah and the group dealing with the aftermath of season one at the beginning of season two?

Daniel Gillies: In the wake of that kind of apocalypse, it’s an awkward new beginning. There’s a necessary sort of distance that needs to be observed between Elijah and Klaus and Hayley, which unfortunately has that sort of requisite emotional distance as well. Weirdly enough, they’re in that compound for two or three months since we saw them last. Even within the creation of the ruse that our child has died, there’s a true tragedy in there. Because they’re symbiotically experiencing this ruse together, there’s a collective gloom about it. I think Elijah is the one who’s holding the reins on this chariot, saying, “We’re going to exact our revenge at this moment, this moment, this moment.” I think he has a real strategy and a real plan, as he always kind of does, in order to usurp the kingdom once again. I think Klaus is probably more like a caged beast, which is one handful of difficulties. Hayley’s probably not too different, in that she probably is going a little insane, not just being away from her kid but wanting revenge as well.

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Sebastian Roche stopped by The Wrap‘s Comic Con Video Lounge at The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park to chat The Originals, and what’s next for Mikael!

The cast of The Originals stopped by TV Line’s suite at SDCC, check out the interview below!

The cast stop by EW’s Hideout at SDCC. Check out the interview below!

Clevver TV caught up with the cast and producers on the red carpet at SDCC. See what each had to say about the upcoming season!

Julie Plec on Who’s Returning?

Joseph Morgan talks Klaus and Hayley’s relationship

Daniel Gillies Talks Hayley Conflict

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Thanks to Clevver TV, we have the Q&A Panel from The Originals cast at SDCC.

Part One

Part Two

Check out the epic season 2 trailer for The Originals as seen by thousands at SDCC!! Can. Not. Wait.

From a Cradle to a Grave

Thanks to E!Online, we have some scoop from Julie Plec. Also, Zap2It, TV Line and TV Guide spoke with Michael Narducci on what we can expect this coming season.

Via E!Online’s Spoiler Chat:

Taylor: Give me some scoop on my favorite couple on TV: Hayley and Elijah on The Originals!
Come on, is there really time for romance in NoLA?! “Elijah should be nervous about a lot of things. Elijah is going to go through some s–t this year at the beginning of the season,”Julie Plec told us. “It’s not going to be all puppy dogs and rainbows for him at all.” And one thing he’ll definitely have to worry about? Hayley “reconnecting” with Jackson, as Nathan Parsons “will make his return about six episodes in.”

‘The Originals’ boss dishes on Season 2 and the return of Mikael, Esther and a mystery brother via Zap2It.

Zap2it: When you first approached mapping out Season 2, what was your main goal?
Michael Narducci: There was all this conflict on the show in the first season between the vampires, the witches, the werewolves, and we really wanted to personalize the conflict in Season 2 by introducing some enemies that weren’t just random bad guys. They are, in some ways, the existential villain of Klaus and Elijah’s lives: The abusive father, Mikael, and the manipulative, dangerous mother, Esther.

How is Mikael and Esther’s return going to affect Klaus and Elijah?
By showing our characters in conflict with their mother and father, we really get to explore the past and present, who they are, why they are the way they are, what made Klaus change from a sweet little boy we saw in flashbacks to the person he is today? And it’s not just because of his abusive father, but also his mother had a hand in who he became. So we really get to unpack the origin story of our Original Mikaelson family, and that’s something we really wanted to do.

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The Originals Season 2: EPs Talk Klaus’ Crisis, Haylijah’s ‘Friction’ and More via TV Line.

KLAUS: THE EARLY YEARS | Season 2, Narducci explained, is “all about confronting the sins of the past. We’re very much defined by our parents, but as we become adults, we begin to choose our own paths. … Klaus is very much a product of his abusive father, and very much a product of his mother.” In going deeper into Klaus’ moral origins, we’ll see “flashbacks to when he was a child,” as well as “right before he became a vampire.” All of this will “examine what his relationship was with his mother, and the sense of betrayal that he felt when she came back from the dead and judged him as an abomination.”

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Originals’ Michael Narducci: Klaus Will be Vindictive and Dangerous – But Now with Purpose via TV Guide.

“Everyone has a different reaction to tragedy. Some people look to replace it with another love, some people focus on self-improvement, but Klaus has decided that he will only imagine a day when he’ll be reunited with [Hope] while he destroys everyone keeping that child away from him,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells “So he will make everyone [pay] and that’s a very Klaus-ian response. Some people said, ‘Oh, Klaus is so sensitive and emotional this season’ and I like that stuff, but I feel like Joseph is so good at playing vindictive and dangerous and now he gets to be that with purpose.”

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