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The CW has released the synopsis for the March 18th episode of The Originals Episode 1.17 titled “Moon Over Bourbon Street”. Click “Show” to view.

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The CW has released the extended preview for next week’s episode “Le Grand Guignol”. The episode will air March 4th, 8/7c on the CW. Check it out!

Amazing episode tonight! Let me know what you guys thought in the comments. But first check out the preview for next week’s episode “Le Grand Guignol”.

Dance Back from the Grave

Joseph Morgan made his rounds with the news circuit to discuss tonight’s episode and more! Check out what he had to say to THR, E!Online and Zap2It. We will add more interviews to this post as they are posted.

On Klaus and Rebekah’s relationship Via THR:

“Klaus and Rebekah have both been captured. They’re not able to immediately deal with issues that they may have with each other,” Joseph Morgantells The Hollywood Reporter. “But I think the secrets she’s kept from him for a hundred years, when the truth about that comes out, he will certainly be needing some sort of revenge. That will not bode well for their relationship.”

Read more over at THR.

On Upcoming Episode 1.16 “Farewell to Storyville” via E!Online (Spoiler Alert!):

Viewers will really not want to miss episode 16, which is mostly Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) “trashing it out” when they are trapped in a cemetery together. In fact, Morgan predicts the episode, titled “Farewell to Storyville,” will be a “fan favorite.”

“I love working with both of them, so it was a great  experience,” Morgan says. “I feel like it will be a fan favorite. I have no doubt about that because there’s enough action in it and they really play on the family dynamic. It’s just putting the three of us in one place together almost the whole episode. It’s really great.”

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On tonight’s “horrific” episode via Zap2It:

The episode is told mainly via flashback to 1919 New Orleans — which mean’s we’ll finally learn the horrible secret Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) have been keeping for nearly a century. The episode is gruesome and devastating — and extremely emotionally affecting.

“We’re really pointing our toe as a show slightly more horror-based, and I like that, as a fan of the genre,” Morgan says. “The episode, when I watched it, made me jump a couple of times. It was pretty horrific, psychologically terrifying and beautifully shot as well. There was some terrific photography in it. I think it’s going to be really enjoyable for everyone.”

Read more over at Zap2It.

Long Way Back from Hell

TV Guide has posted a recent interview with Joseph Morgan. He talks about what we can expect from tomorrow night’s episode, and his thoughts on Klaus and Caroline’s hookup in TVD’s 100th Episode.

On tomorrow night’s episode:

“The episode is possibly the most terrifying episode of The Originals to air so far,” Morgan tells “I jumped out of my seat a few times and I knew what was coming. I’d advise not to show the episode to young children. It’s pretty frightening.”

On Klaus and Caroline:

“When Julie [Plec] talked to me about having Klaus be in the [Vampire Diaries'] 100th episode and that we would be ending that story, I thought it was a good idea,” Morgan explains. “I knew there was a huge fan base for those two characters, and it was important to pay off that relationship to a certain extent, but also be clear that Klaus exists now in New Orleans, fighting for power with a child about to be born, and Caroline is dealing with more young-adult issues and college, so these two characters are growing further and further apart. So while I thought it was appropriate they would have that liaison, it will be preceded by the condition that this will be a goodbye. It was giving everybody what they wanted the most and what they wanted the least in one fell swoop, but certainly it needed to happen because otherwise it’s like dangling a carrot forever. I think Klaus will be a man of his word and not return to Mystic Falls again, but they needed to have that connection before they severed that tie.”

Read the rest over at TV Guide.

The CW has released a 2nd preview clip for next week’s episode “Long Way Back from Hell”. Rebekah wakes up in a freaky sanitarium…

Thanks to E!Online, we have a new preview clip for next Tuesday’s episode “Long Way Back from Hell”. So good! Can’t wait! But you have to click the screencap and watch over at E!Online.


The CW has released a producer’s preview for next week’s episode “Long Way Back from Hell”. Julie Plec and Michael Narducci preview what to expect from this all new episode of The Originals!

The CW has released the synopsis for Episode 1.16 titled “Farewell to Storyville”. Click “Show” to view. Spoilers ahead!

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The CW has released the synopsis for the March 4th episode 1.15 titled “Le Grand Guignol”. Click “Show” to view. Spoiler Alert!

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