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That’s right! Today The Originals Complete 4th Season was released on Digital & DVD. You can purchase the set on Amazon HERE. As a courtesy to the fans, we’ve been fortunate to receive 2 copies of the DVD for giveaway. Good luck to those entering!

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  1. I looked forward to seeing what Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol have been up to and how/if they finally reunite.

  2. Every season of the Originals keeps me on the edge of my seat and this season was no different. I lived this season and I cant wait for the 5th season

  3. Looking forward to seeing hope grow up and hopefully they can find a way to allow the family to be safely reunited

  4. I am really wanting to see the siblings reunion, as well as seeing what the siblings have been up to for the past 8 years, and of course Hayley /Hope/Klaus reunion I’m excited to see what season 5 holds.

  5. I am very sad to see the originals end, I am hoping Caroline ends up with Klaus they both deserve a happy ending after everything that has happened. Hopefully there will be a way the siblings can reunite and Haley and Hope can be with her family again💞

  6. Thanks for the chance. Sorry to see my Mikaelsons go, but I’m crossing my fingers for a Hope spinoff!

  7. Ready for Season 5 but need to rewatch Season 4 to get me all geared up for the new season!

  8. I’m looking forward to meeting teenage Hope! I can’t wait to see how her powers have developed! Also, more of her relationship with Hayley and their mother-daughter dynamic. And, of course, the reunification of the Mikaelson family!

  9. I’m excited to see what everyone’s been up to and hoping to see more of Rebekah and Kol along with everyone else as well as what’s in store for Hope and how she plans on reuniting her family

  10. i’m looking forward to season 5 and Hope bringing her family back together seeing Kol married the possibility of a family for he and Davina. Bekka happy with a great guy! Elijah finding true love. Klaus finding true love. Seeing Hayley happy with the guy she is to be seeing! Klaus finding true peace and a deep love and that he has really changed for an even better man! Klaus can change he’s done it in season 4 him still changing and becomes better each day! Freya and Keeling to have a family and each other! Marcel to find peace and stop playing king to a city that doesn’t need a king! Vincent to calm down and not be so Vincent!

  11. The Originals is an amazing, intense. Non stop gripping supernatural show. Not many shows have such stellar actors, the writing and storyline are always compelling. I’ve never found a show that I’ve loved EVERY SINGle Episode. I have never loved a show more, and this show deserved many more seasons that short five series. I am among the fans who wish Julie plec would Reconsider ending the show,

  12. I’m excited for teenage Hope! With Klaus’ temper and Hayley’s wits…WHEW

  13. I’m looking forward to klaus hopefully finding a way for him and his family to be reunited again and curious to see what they’ve been up to.

  14. So ready for the new season! I am ready to see what they have been doing and if they are able to be free of that crazy blue Hollow! Ready to see them with a well deserved happy ending!

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