Top #Originals Snark from 4.04 Keepers of the House

Some of these just need to be seen, because the facial expressions are everything but here are my favorite snarky lines (and some awwwwwwws) from last week’s episode.

Hayley: The fever’s back, but she’s not in any pain. She’s asking for you.

Klaus: Well, make an excuse. I don’t want my daughter to know I’ve gone off to murder witches.

Keelin: Ok, you want me to help you rob the most deadly vampire on the planet? I will pass.

Hope: Mom said you love New Orleans most of all.

Klaus: I did once, but putting your love in a place is a mistake. Being here, in our home, seeing these walls, I am reminded that it is people who are best suited to fill our hearts.

Vincent: What about Davina Claire, Elijah?

Elijah: So, you can only see me as some kind of merciless butcher?

Vincent: Yes, I do.

Elijah: I’ll be whatever you want me to be, Vincent Griffith, I’ll be the very devil himself, but make no mistake . . . I will violate everything sacred under the sun in the name of rescuing my niece.

Freya: Keelin, if you run . . .

Keelin: I know. I’ll turn all hairy. I got the threat the first time.

Vincent: I assume you told everyone to be on their best behavior?

Elijah: Oh, I told them. Now, whether or not they’ll be obedient is another thing altogether.

* Vincent, Elijah, Klaus, Hayley, and Marcel meet in the woods *

Hayley: Clearly, we’re skipping all the hugs, and hellos.

Marcel: Klaus, you’re with me. I’m not letting you out of my sight. Anyone have a problem with that? I don’t give a damn.

Klaus: I assume you embark upon this journey out of the kindness of your heart.

Marcel: There are kids in trouble, yours included.

Klaus: Its a bit late for you to suddenly care about my child, given you left her fatherless for 5 years.

Marcel: Well, speaking from experience, I figured I was doing her a favor.

Klaus: Careful. Lest your insults mar an already tentative peace.

Marcel: That’s what you do when you’re the King.

Klaus: All I see is a petulant Prince.

Marcel: Always with the insults. You never do learn.

Klaus: On the contrary, my time in your dungeon clarified my priorities. My concerns are with my child. And as for you, I can imagine no better revenge than leaving you to the endless struggle to prove yourself my better. You’re welcome, by the way.

Marcel: Do one thing for me. Tell your daughter she doesn’t need to fear me. She never did.

Keelin: Where I’m from, you make a deal, you keep it. And since I am on the most-wanted list of every psycho who wants your family dead . . . I guess I’m Team Mikaelson whether I like it or not.

. . . a bit later . . .

Freya: Its done. The ring’s altered. Keep the benefits, minus the leash.

Elijah: I managed to find an old friend. Or an enemy. I can never tell. Here’s to a wretched day.

Klaus: A wretched day, indeed.

Vincent: That’s the funny thing about our city, Marcel. Nothing ever stays buried.

Hope:  The Hollow. Its here.

That last one just makes me shudder!!!!

Tune in tonight for the newest episode to see what snark comes out this week!


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