Thirteen Things We Learned From #TheOriginals 4.04 “Keepers of the House”

So, we will find out just how entangled in the Big Angry Blue Ball of Light Detective Will is?

In the description of this episode on the CW app, it seems Hayley is going to turn to Marcel for help for Hope . . . that can only end in hearts and flowers, right?

Let’s find out!

1.  Marcel, no matter how you may feel about him, is quite the sight without his shirt on.

2. The ouroboros can be quite pretty, when styled the right way. And this totally means that Detective Will is in waaaaaaay too deep with these folks, if they are giving him “tokens of the Master’s power.”

3. That whole purifying Hope thing? That looked too easy!

And, it was. Because, no sooner than Vincent had pronounced her “purified” dead crows started falling from the sky and Hope can hear mysterious whispers saying what sounds like “Kre Nan Hun,” which Vincent tells us is a nearly forgotten dialect of Creole that means “The Hollow is coming.” Which means I have to stop calling it the Big Angry Blue Ball of Light, doesn’t it? *sad panda*

4. Nothing is quite as creepy as a mother and daughter, embracing in amongst a circle of dead crows . . . and how did they know to drop out of the sky, dead, into a near perfect circle of death? Oh. Right. MAGIC.

5. When Freya gives you gifts, they’re important ones – like a ring that helps you control your werewolf powers, even during a full moon and increases your wolfy instincts (Kyanite, as opposed to Lapis Lazuli for our vampires’ daylight rings) that once you put on, you can’t take off – but there may just be a few strings attached.

6. When Mr Awesome Scruff asks you to clear out of your own church . . . you leave. And he will do whatever it takes, including “become the very devil himself” to protect his niece.

7. Wait. Now what? The wolves are drawing the ouroboros, too? Yep! Some wolf, named Laura. And she is very angry. The Hollow offered the wolves a chance against Marcel. Laura even blames Hayley – because she left for 5 years – for leaving the wolves vulnerable. She tells Hayley that the Angry Blue Ball of light longs for power, and only the kind that comes from sacrifice. The sacrifice of something loved – like we learned with Eva’s birds in the last episode. She gives a horrible warning, and then stabs herself in the neck.

8. The Hollow has been around longer than the witches’ ancestors. It takes everything inside you, that you have tried to hide from everyone else, and uses that against you so that you will do what it wants. That’s why it is so hard to fight. Vincent knows how this thing fights, and he seems to know that Detective Will has already sucummed to its powers, before Will draws his gun on Vincent. And Detective Will . . . he’s in deep. That amulet gives him the power to fling Elijah across the room.

9. Vincent and Elijah make an unlikely alliance . . . and neither of them have the patience for the other’s methods. And Vincent is still a sneaky guy – tagging Detective Will with magic so they can track him right to those kids. (And, BONUS, these Hollow folks . . . have a flair for the Blair Witch decorating concepts.)

10. Klaus and Marcel share some barbs, and clearly their story (together or apart) is not over.

11. These guys know how to set up an altar. And Papa Tunde’s blade is still in play. Klaus launches it at The Hollow followers’ leader.

12. You really need to work on those anger/killing issues, Klaus. Snapping Detective Will’s neck got you in deep, man. (Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!) The Hollow drew them to this site. It wants to anchor its power to the real world . . . and what better anchor than, unquestionably, the two most powerful vampire/beast/hybrids the world has ever seen.

The only way to release the spell that holds Klaus and Marcel, is to kill one of the children that Elijah, Hayley, Klaus, Marcel, and Vincent just fought so hard to rescue. But, staking Elijah isn’t a better alternative in my mind.

And who else was totally creeped out by Hope’s “We’re not cold anymore.”?

13. A seed of doubt has been planted in Haylijah . . .

BONUS: The Fifolet that Vincent refers to is a well-know Cajun superstition. According to author Lyn Gibson, the Fifolet was the name given to the spirit of a crewman from a pirate ship. The captain – Jean Lafitte – would bring his treasure ashore, bury it, and then kill a crewman and bury him with said treasure. This made the spirit of the crewman a vengeful spirit that guarded the treasure for all eternity. And guess what? The Fifolet appears as “a glowing orb, typically light blue in hue.”

So, who else thinks that Klaus and Marcel didn’t come out of their Fifolet encounter quite the same? Vincent sure seems to think that maybe, just maybe, it got what it wanted by luring them all there. And what about that “We aren’t cold anymore?” Why am I so suspicious that things aren’t as “fixed” as they seem? And what about the lights flashing for Hope? Or the lights flashing at Rousseau’s for Marcel?

Vincent says, at the end of the episode, “That’s the funny thing about our city, Marcel, nothing ever stays buried.”

He’s not wrong.

And then there’s this . . .

and this . . .

The Hollow. Its here.

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