Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.05 “I Hear You Knocking”

So, last week we learned that both Klaus and Marcel have been infected (marked? possessed?) by The Hollow. What does that mean for our dueling Kings of New Orleans?  Why, The Hollow propelling them toward each other for an epic showdown, of course!

“I Hear You Knocking” starts with one of my favorite lines from last week, Keelin saying she’s “Team Mikaelson” whether she likes it or not. Team Mikaelson. I like that. And I consider myself a card-carrying member!

1 . Flashbacks. Still a favorite. Wigs. Still horrible, but great at the same time. And Niklaus as a boy, almost as adorable as the grown one.

And even in flashbacks, Daddy Dearest’s words still hurt. As do the made up ones.

2. Sofya is definitely the crown’s right-hand chick, even when King Marcel tries to kill her after being tormented by The Hollow, posing as Klaus and Elijah. And she doesn’t “take orders from you,” Marcel. You’d best be rememberin’ that.

3. Keelin and Freya really do make a great team. (Did I sense some sexual tension there??) And Keelin came back of her own volition AND offered to help.

And this scene, is so sweetly awkward.

4. The Hollow is scary. But also sexy.

Case 1:

Case 2, as seen in this episode:

5. Elijah talks about wearing something other than the suits we know and love. More specifically, “jean shorts and flip flops.” Which, I think, might be more frightening than The Hollow. (And the Haylijah moments are too cute.)

6.  Vincent’s separating of the NOLA witches from the ancestral powers is the main reason The Hollow is on the lose again. According to the witch that Sofya brings in, that release of magic allowed The Hollow to free itself from where it had been trapped. He also thinks that his beads are going to keep Marcel safe. Beads? Against The Hollow? Yeah, I wasn’t buying it either.

7. The Hollow posing as Mikael is, perhaps, more evil than Mikael himself. Fooling Klaus into thinking he’s attacking his father, when he’s killing innocent bystanders. And threatening Hope? Wow. New low, Poppa Mikael.

8. Mary’s husband’s journal is . . . haunting, but informational where Hayley’s parents were concerned. They, apparently, worked with vampires, too. And were considered traitors for it. And, where the writing begins to get incoherent . . . we’re shown this:

But, not only that. Hayley thinks The Hollow may have had something to do with Mary’s husband killing Hayley’s parents.

9. Freya seems to bring The Hollow into her liar and seems hypnotized by it. How come she isn’t infected now, too?  Did Keelin knock her head against the wall just in time, or what?

10. Showing your enemy that you have a magical weapon that can kill him, when you are a) not sure what you’re seeing is real, b) not knowing for sure that the weapon you wield can kill him (not doubting you, Freya, honest), and c) walking into a building that is obviously a magical trap . . . are all not great ideas, Klaus.

11. “Mikael” goading Klaus, and “Elijah” goading Marcel, while Marcel tries to keep his wits about him (knowing that a blood sacrifice is what The Hollow needs to be freed) and Klaus givesnot giving in to the goading from Mikael to save Elijah is a confusing rabble that is truly a thing to see. Beautifully shot, folks.

(Klaus drops the knife a second after this screengrab, and breaks Marcel’s neck to get him off of Elijah.)

12. Whatever was in that gris gris bag that Freya threw at The Hollow . . . probably didn’t kill it. That would be too easy. But, it sure did seem to hurt it. Probably just means it made it all the more angry. That screeching made my dogs howl!! (The sound bar, two surround speakers, and subwoofer may have amplified it just a little!) AND DID YOU SEE THAT CLOUD HAD HANDS?!

I had to lighten the image a LOT so that you could see them, if you didn’t notice before, but here ya go. The Hollow Shadow . . . has hands.

13. Marcel knows about the weapon that can take him down. He is now bound and cloaked, according to Freya. Sofya obviously has the hots for Marcel, knew where he was going, and has a witch. And Klaus, begrudgingly, gave Freya that weapon. I have no doubt that Sofya and her witch buddy will know about it as well very soon. So, Freya, Klaus is right. You aren’t safe.

BONUS: Klaus saying that “Mercy was necessary” when it came to not killing Marcel . . . clearly an excuse. A valid one, given that had either of them died, The Hollow got its blood sacrifice, but still. An excuse. When it comes down to it, Klaus, give Elijah that knife.

BONUS #2: Hayley’s theory that The Hollow has taken out the Lebonair family before – Jackson told her that her family had been plagued by death, etc, as far back as he knew – made the hairs on my arms stick up.

The symmetry of Marcel ending up where he held Klaus for 5 years is pretty amazing, too.

Elijah admitting that he had hoped Marcel would be the catalyst to Klaus’s redemption, just before the end credits, is pretty enlightening. Especially given that, Hope – who is actually Klaus’s daughter, where Marcel was his adopted son – has actually managed to change Klaus. That may just have been the dagger through your heart, Marcel.

And OH SNAP at the last few seconds. Marcel’s blood was spilled. The Hollow accepted that as a gift, it seems. And there is now a plant growing out of the pool of blood in the abandoned house. The thorns on it? Can kill an Original.


We’re still in trouble, folks.

And Sofya wants revenge. ON WHO? FOR WHAT?

Maybe we will find out this week!!


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