Thirteen Things We Learned from 4.03 “Haunter of Ruins”

So, the blurb for this episode on the CW app is “Elijah mediates a conflict between Hayley and Freya to determine the best way to protect the family.” That sounds . . . fraught with delicious one-liners to me! (Which I will share my favorites of in another post.)

But the cutest thing in the world has to be Klaus with Hope. Hands down.

However, I digress.  Here’s the 13 things we learned (or maybe just needed reminded of, in some cases) from last week’s episode!

  1. Meeting the Mikaelsons all at once is intimidating for a little girl! (Hope takes one look at all of them, probably over-hearing what amounts to the end of her father’s temper tantrum, mind you, and retreats to “play in the garden.”)

At least Rebekah and Freya don’t look like they are going to eat her (KOL!) or want to fall down at her feet in worship (Elijah!).

2. We missed Maisie Richardson-Sellers!! But we’re kinda terrified of Eva’s connections to all that is going on, currently, in The Quarter. And, Eva is . . . terrifyingly evil. But, she wasn’t always that way. Vincent has some flashbacks, showing us a little bit of her life before she became the “child-stealing psycho.”

3. Elijah without his own “noble purpose” of saving Klaus’s soul, looks kinda lost. And Rebekah still desires a family, but admits that any feelings she had for Marcel are a thing of the past. What will these Mikaelson siblings do, without their striving to save Klaus? And is Klaus really saved?

4. This chick is still around. And, for some reason, she isn’t healing. That reason turns out to be that she’s some super-genius medical professional that worked out how to suppress her werewolf traits. Does anyone else think this might end up being dangerous to Klaus somehow? Or maybe Marcel and his new super-vampire-wolfdom? (Is he even classified as a hybrid at this point? Or do we know?)

5. As I said earlier, Klaus and Hope are adorable. Even when she’s painting the Big Angry Blue Ball of Light. The awkward silence between them, and then the looks back and forth when they think the other isn’t looking is beautifully played.

And this adorable smile – and his profile – SLAY me.

6. Will is back!!!  I really think Jason Dohring has been under-used in this series so far. He was amazing, quick-witted, and wonderful in Moonlight as the elder vampire Joseph. And I miss that. But! With him being Vincent’s contact on the NOLA police force, maybe we will see more of him!!  (PLEASE!!!) And, for the love of all that is Holy, DO NOT STAY OUT OF THIS, WILL!!  We want to see more of you! (Just not dead. Dead would be bad.) [***see the HOLY PLOT TWIST, BATMAN bonus for more on Will***]

7. This book is fire-proof. And, that alone should be frightening enough. But, wait. There’s more! Vincent wants Marcel to keep it from him. At all costs. That can’t be good, either. Let’s add some more information here, too. At one point, Vincent was researching magical ways to overcome Marcel’s iron fist rule. Annnnnnnnd. This notebook appeared. It is written in Vincent’s handwriting AND HE DOESN’T REMEMBER WRITING IT!  Strange enough for you?

But WAIT! There’s more!  Check out the colors swirling around Vincent when he used the magic in this book . . . that made him feel “invincible.”

8. Being King of New Orleans has some fringe benefits!  Check out Marcel’s SWEET RIDE! What is that, a Maybach? Geez, Louise.

9. Haylijah moments happened!!!!

Elijah is worried that five years of “doing anything to protect my family” will make her lose who she is. Because, you know, “paranoia, betrayal, violence, repeat.”

10. Hope has some super-duper healing powers! She saw a butterfly with a broken wing, took off her bracelet, said “Shhhhh, don’t tell my mom,” and healed it!

. . . and Klaus is a little freaked.

11. Hope is clearly connected to all of this Big Angry Blue Ball of Light. Vincent severed the ties to the 4 children that had been taken, but Hope’s link to the spell wasn’t severed with the rest of them. Why? And! How did someone get Hope’s brush in order to bind them? Marcel clearly knows who that brush belongs to, that “M” is unmistakable.

12. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Mikaelsons are better when they’re together, united against something. However, with Rebekah and Kol running off together, trying to find themselves or whatever . . . this whole thing with Hope could get tricky. And, hopefully, when they are needed again they won’t be hard to find.

13. Marcel’s “harm no kids” thing is going to get him into trouble. Again. He just got rid of the Mikaelsons, but it looks like Hope needs to come back to NOLA in order for Vincent to sever the spell’s ties to her. Vincent’s “she’s a kid” and “she’s practically your sister” really got to him. (The magical note-passing was kinda neat, though!)

BONUS: Whatever powered that Big Angry Blue Ball of Light is super powerful. It didn’t posses Eva, it took her over. 

BONUS #2: When Freya gets an idea, she gets an idea. The fact that Keelin was able to weaken herself so she seemed normal to those around her has given Freya the idea that between Keelin’s medicine and her own magic . . . they could take down Marcel.


Our buddy the Mr Will the Police Man?

He. Is. NOT. One. Of. The. Good. Guys.

He stole those kids RIGHT BACK for the Big Angry Blue Ball of Light. Which means . . . he is NOT staying out of it, so we’ll get more Jason Dohring! *fist pump*

And, just because I think its funny . . . the fact that Elijah was always the perceived leader of the family is challenged in this episode, and not from the person you may have thought. Hayley is clearly calling the shots now.

So, why does the Big Angry Blue Ball of Light need Vincent?  How is it living in him? Why did Eva say it would “save him for later?” And how did Will get wrapped up in this? What’s his role? Is he compelled, possessed, just misguided, what?!

Hit me up in the comments, let me know your theories either here or on Twitter ( @AllisSmith ) – I’d love to hear what you think!




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