Five TVD Characters That Need to Visit The Originals

There are so many TVD characters we’d LOVE to see again, but here’s 5 that’d be Ah-mazing to pay the Mikaelsons a visit!

Nearly a month has passed since saying goodbye to the beloved gang from Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries. Thankfully the writers left the door open for several TVD characters to make a possible appearance on The Originals. It’s no secret Alaric will soon be making the trip to New Orleans to deliver a mysterious dark object from the Armory. This got me thinking…what other Mystic Falls residents would it be nice to see stop by the Big Easy?

Caroline Forbes

Obviously, Caroline would be at the top of the list. Accompanying a hefty donation to the Salvatore Boarding School for Gifted Children, Klaus enclosed a letter to Caroline for something, which Ric teases is a story for another time. This leads me to believe it’s something that will be explained and since TVD is finished, it’d have to be told on The Originals, And Klaus closes the letter, “However long it takes,” a reference to season four of The Vampire Diaries when he returns to Mystic Falls to heal Damon and help stop Kol. Of course, he needed to see Caroline and as she asked, he granted Tyler his freedom but informed Caroline even though ‘Tyler maybe her first love, he intends to be her last….however long it takes.Honestly, what else is the point to even include the letter if not foreshadowing an upcoming interaction between her and Klaus. It does feel like Klaus and Caroline have some unfinished business, so it makes total sense for her to visit The Originals. Not to mention Klaroline fans would be over the moon for a reunion of the pair.  



Bonnie Bennett

The series finale of TVD gave us a taste of what it’s like to see Bonnie Bennett team up with a badass group of witches. While those witches were descendants of the Bennett bloodline, could you imagine Bon Bon teamed up with the coven of New Orleans witches or even Freya? Yes, the circumstances for Bonnie to ever agree to get involved would have to be perfect. But perhaps she could help reverse Marcel’s super-hybrid spell. Or even assist Vincent in stopping the evil presence he might have created that is eating children and targeting Hope. Bonnie is off traveling the world and living life like Enzo asked, so maybe she could add New Orleans to one of her destinations. Bennett witches seemed to be the key to fixing stuff in Mystic Falls, so it couldn’t hurt to have Bon Bon’s help.



Matt Donovan

After High School graduation, Matt and Rebekah spent all summer traveling the world and then she moved to New Orleans to be with her brothers. Even though they promised it wasn’t or wouldn’t be anything serious, it’s felt as Matt and Bex still have some unfinished business. Maybe he goes to New Orleans searching for Bex…or perhaps he’s just down in the Big Easy on police business and decides to check in on her. Or maybe after learning Tyler had a child with a werewolf he met during his time helping packs un-sire themselves from Klaus, Matt visits the pack. And it turns out the child is one of the kids being affected by the darkness inhabiting New Orleans.



Jeremy Gilbert

The TVD finale revealed Jeremy Gilbert returned to Mystic Falls from his life on the road hunting vampires to help Alaric and Caroline at the Salvatore Boarding House for Gifted Children. Since Jer Bear only had a quick cameo in the finale, it’d be great to see him back in action slaying vampires. None of the Mikaelsons of course, but maybe he could help with some of the vampires from around the world that had been fleeing to New Orleans. Surely, Jeremy would be a great asset to have around, but the circumstances would need to be right for him to agree to help The Original family out. They did put him and Elena through so, much during their time in Mystic Falls and let’s not forget Klaus did kill Jenna as part of the sacrifice to break the hybrid curse. Stranger things have happened though, so never say never.



Damon / Elena Salvatore

It’s highly unlikely, Damon or Elena would go anywhere without the other especially after being apart for years. And visiting New Orleans and The Originals probably doesn’t rank too high on their places to visit, but you never know. Maybe the pair takes a trip down to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras. Or even do a little celebrating before they get married and have their bachelor/bachelorette parties. on Bourbon Street. It’s a gigantic long shot, but perhaps, The Originals head to Mystic Falls for Damon and Elena’s wedding. Just because we didn’t see it on TVD doesn’t mean we can’t see their nuptials on The Originals. And then if that happens we’d get to see the whole gang again. It’d be so fitting for the series finale of The Originals (whenever that may be) to have characters from both series all together again. A girl can dream. Right?

What character from The Vampire Diaries would you like to see pop up on The Originals and why? Valerie? She made it out of Mystic Falls alive. Or maybe Abby Bennett? She is married to Joseph Morgan (Klaus) in real life, so she definitely has an in. And there’s also Dorian or perhaps Meredith Fell or April Young. They all survived the chaos of Mystic Falls. Feel free to let us know in comments below. It’s been eight seasons and after all, not everyone died.

Stephanie Flasher

My name is Stephanie. I love all things TVD related. I appreciate ALL 'ships and do not believe in spreading hate. I also love The Originals. Both shows have gotten me through some really tough times and allowed me to make some pretty great friends.



  1. I’m “on board” for the ones mentioned above,but I’d especially LOVE it if Bonnie visited NewOrleans to hook-up w/powerful witches to “help” her get Enzo back! That would melt my heart❤…again!

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