The Top 13 (14?) Things We Learned from The Originals “You Hung the Moon”


Hope you’re liking the new “13 Things!”

Let’s see now, where were we?  Oh, right, everyone’s still pissed at Klaus, someone’s hunting wolves in the Bayou, Elijah has set up a beautiful spread for Hayley’s one day of humanity this month, Davina’s Regency is being threatened, and she’s captured Hayley – wanting something from the hybrid before she’ll let her go to Hope.  In this version of NOLA, you don’t need credentials to visit a crime scene, give your non-expert opinion on a strung-up corpse, and meet the Detective in charge of the investigation.  Oh, and Lucien (former servant turned vampire friend of Klaus) is……insane.

Caught up?

Alrighty.  Here we go with this week’s Top 13 (ok, maybe 14) Things We Learned:


1. Jackson is still around, and Elijah remains the “noble one,” offering his own blood to rival-for-Hayley’s-heart Jackson after digging bullets out of his chest.


2.  Davina is a force to be reckoned with, while it seems Hayley plays the caged animal well.  Cutting a lock of hair from her head, Hayley agrees to kill Kara (the witch who challenged Davina last week) and Davina makes sure that Hayley is cloaked from all magic and able to hold her human form for as long as the candle she’s anointed burns.  And Davina’s cloaking spell is strong enough to keep Frey from scrying Hayley.  While Davina chants over the candle meant to keep Hayley human, her eye begins to bleed. The ancient witches are refusing to help her, and Hayley begins to change while on Kara’s trail. After some begging and admitting that Hayley can also be used against Klaus, the candle lights itself and the change stops for both Hayley and Jackson.


3.  Freya likes a good dance club, and Marcel is big into keeping up the “feed on the tourists” plan – encouraging Freya to leave before the frenzy starts. Klaus threatens a young man that Freya brings home – playing the doting big brother quite well. (And much like he did with Rebekah. No man is good enough for his little sister.)


4.  Cami is still not a certified Forensic Psychologist, but she’s doing research, so she should totally be allowed to be on a crime scene.  (Sorry, but this bugs the crap outta me.  I have several friends in various forms of law enforcement, and they all agree that this idea stretches the bounds of reality.  However, it is a show about vampires, witches, werewolves, and hybrids….so I suppose I should let it go.)  In researching “facial mutilation” she’s surely thinking of Klaus as she writes down all the reasons someone would do that.  And then she Googles Lucien.


5.  Kingmaker Land Development’s CEO?  The one and only Lucien Castle.


6.  The Marionette Murders (yep, that’s what I’m calling them) continue. And Detective Kinney is a concerned Detective – chastising a reporter for taking pictures of a victim. “That kid’s got a family.” Kinney and Cami share a drink in Rousseau’s before it opens, with Kinney telling Cami that he knows she’s friends with Klaus. Kinney tells her, also, that he knows who she is – the twin sister of the guy who massacred seminary students in St Anne’s – and hints at all the “perfectly rational explanations” for a lot of things that have happened over the past century to her family. “I just think your whole good Catholic family thing is a cover,” and he aims to find out what she’s covering up.


7.  Jackson thinks Klaus has done something with Hayley, and Elijah accuses him of the same, given Lucien’s connection to the wolf killers.  Klaus refuses to leave Hope’s side as Elijah leaves to investigate further, threatening to kill Jackson if this is another one of his “cockeyed scheme for Hayley and you to abscond with her.” Elijah tells Klaus that if something has happened to Hayley, Hope will not stay with him, she will leave him of her own accord knowing what kind of man he really is.


8.  Cami confronts Klaus about her theories about Lucien and the Marionette Murders.  Klaus first defends Lucien and, when Cami shows him crime scene photos, admits that “there is a familiar method to this particular madness.”


9.  Lucien is a smart kind of crazy.  His penthouse is protected by a boundary spell.  Only vampires from the same sire line as him can enter without an invitation.  Elijah discovers this when he comes to confront Lucien about the killing of the wolves.  When Lucien calls Hayley a “persona non grata” and a “tramp,” Elijah breaks a table and throws one of the legs into Lucien’s throat, and Jackson launches through the doorway (not effected by the boundary spell) and attacks, biting Lucien in the process. Elijah sends Jackson for the chains from the compound, and gets Lucien to invite him in so that he can save Lucien’s life.  Lucian later tells Elijah that his people will get back to him if they find a wolf matching Hayley’s description and then Elijah admits that only Klaus’s blood will cure Lucien of the werewolf bite. Lucien admits that if he kills off Elijah, he will have to give up his life of luxury because he will be on the run from Klaus and Rebekah.  When confronted about the Marionette Murders, Lucien doesn’t admit involvement, nor does he deny it. But, when Klaus offers Lucien his blood to cure the wolf bite, Lucien lies and says he was only scratched, while digging through an old trunk.  He finds some vials of white liquid in a briefcase, injects himself with one, and the bite seems to boil away!  Also in this mysterious trunk are some sketches of what seems to be Aurora.  It was hard to tell if these sketches were done by Lucien, or Klaus, but they were of similar style to Klaus’s drawings of Caroline.


10.  Hayley kills Kara, as commanded by Davina, and then is attacked by a load of witches, who take her down without even touching her.  Something major went down after Hayley killed Kara. There are a pile of bodies – mostly turned to ash – 11, to be precise, in the spot where Hayley was taken down with witchy power.  Davina takes pity on the Versailles Witches, asking them to become part of her coven, if they follow her rules.


11.  Elijah’s sire line involves someone named Lord Tristan du Martel. (Gif Credit: @_shelleyhennig)


12.  Baby Hope is walking! And when Hayley realizes how much she’s missed, it is a moment that will rip out your heart.  “Welcome to a 21st century custody battle, Klaus. Moms win them now.”  Elijah intervenes, stating the apartments across the street are vacant and he will talk to management so that Hayley and Hope will still be in earshot.  Hayley adds the caveats that the place should be put in Jackson’s name, and that Klaus will not be invited in.


13.  Detective Kinney is a thief! He stole Cami’s laptop! He confirms that she isn’t a suspect in the Marionette Murders, and they hear over his car radio that someone is releasing information about said murders that hadn’t been released to the public, ie the fact that the bodies were drained of blood.  It appears that the woman draped over Lucien’s chair earlier is the one and the same reporter that didn’t understand her boundaries at the most recent crime scene. (This is confirmed by us seeing her willingly give up some blood in a wine glass, after she seems to have submitted an article to her paper.)


14.  The witch/siphon that Klaus fed off last week – who told him “bad poetry” – her blood is still in Klaus’s system and Freya uses it to try and find out if there really is something out there that can kill The Originals.  Almost as soon as Freya begins to chant, her ears begin to bleed. Everything in the compound begins to shake, and Elijah calls for her to stop.  We see a few seconds of what Klaus saw – notably, the blood spurting across Elijah’s portrait – and some of Freya’s spell items catch fire.  In a somewhat drugged voice, Freya confirms that the prophecy is true, they will all fall, “one by friend, one by foe, and one . . . by family.


The episode ends with Aurora sword fighting with someone else with vampire speed – Tristan! He’s been keeping her there with the monks for some time.  He’s been keeping her dosed with something, and tells the monks to continue while he goes away.  He says to tell her that he’ll be bringing her a gift back . . . from New Orleans. DUN DUN DUN (And remember, Lucien warned the Mikaelsons that Tristan was a nasty piece of work back when he was still human.)


BONUSES:  Davina and Marcel have a little tiff in the cemetery, where they both compare each other to Klaus (ouch!) and Davina finally acts like a teenager when she’s out of Marcel’s sight, ugly crying in the crypt.  Hayley was the source of the massacre, lashing out when she felt cornered.  Elijah’s near-tearful confession that Hayley was not forgotten while she was a wolf is something you need to see for yourself so you can feel it in your bones.