Riley Voelkel Talks Freya, Family and More with EW


EW had a chance to chat with The Originals’ newest series regular Riley Voelkel about Freya and where she fits in amongst The Original Family.

“Now that Dahlia is gone, she’s really let her hair down and is having fun and experiencing modern time for the first time. She’s having a few drinks,” Riley Voelkel said, adding, “She’s closer to the family now. They’ve really accepted her and she’s not used to that, so she’s for the first time having people who are actually fighting for her. Everything she ever wanted was this family and now she’s part of it, so that’s the big change.”

And in order to keep her family together, Freya is willing to do anything, including watching over baby Hope. Although, now that Hayley is back, she’s going to become a bit more like “auntie Freya,” according to Voelkel. “She’ll always hold that role a little bit.”

Read more over at EW.


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