Phoebe Tonkin Talks Jackson, Elijah, Hope and More with MTV News


Here is a great interview and photo shoot from MTV News with Phoebe Tonkin where she talks about her character and the status of her current relationships on the show.

“Hope is still so young, so everything for her is a first, and Hayley feels like she’s missed out on a lot of those firsts,” she said. “Not only has she spent the last few months under this curse, but she also missed out on the beginning of Hope’s life, too. She’s just missing all of these landmarks in her child’s life, like her first word. So she’s upset, and that’s why she’s upset with Klaus. It’s not that he betrayed her, because he betrays everyone, it’s that he betrayed her in the worst possible way. The most important thing in Hayley’s life is her child.”


“I don’t think there’s ever a world in which Hayley would cheat on Jackson,” Tonkin added. “She had to marry Jackson for a very specific reason, for the good of her family and her pack and her child, so that doesn’t mean that because of that, her feelings for Elijah were completely eliminated. There’s still chemistry between the two of them, and it’s almost sad because in an ideal world, I think Hayley and Elijah would have at least explored that. But they just can’t.”


However, that doesn’t mean their spark is gone. “They know they can’t act on it — they really can’t act on it — but those feelings are still there between the two of them,” she said. “Hayley still has a lot of love for Jackson as well, it’s just a different type of love, less heated.”


Read more and view the rest of the photos over at MTV News.


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