Julie Plec Talks The Originals Season 3 with Alloy Entertainment



Alloy Entertainment recently caught up with EP, Julie Plec to talk all things The Originals. Check out what Julie teased about the upcoming season.

Alloy Entertainment: At San Diego Comic-Con you teased that this is a very flashback-heavy season. Can you share any details?
Julie Plec:
We’re having a lot of fun exploring the years after the Originals fled their family back in the Viking territory, when they first became vampires, watching them go from orphans on the run to become the well cultured sophisticated people that they are now. Along that journey they meet characters that we’re introducing this year, and you get to see them in flashbacks before they were vampires and in present day once they are. We call the group of three new characters the Trinity, each of which is a sire of one of our Originals.

Alloy Entertainment: What sorts of important Mikaelson family moments will we get to witness? Any fun traditions?
Julie Plec:
There’ll be a lot of Elijah and Klaus tension that will culminate in a pretty epic showdown in the first chapter of the season.

Alloy Entertainment: A lot of fans are upset with Hayley for running off with Hope, and think she deserved being cursed again. Do you agree?
Julie Plec:
I think those fans are not mothers. It seems mean to be angry at a woman for doing what she believes is in her child’s best interests.

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  1. Well said @Julieplec…she couldn’t have answered that last question about Hayley any better!)

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