Daniel Gillies Teases The Originals Season 2 Finale via Alloy Entertainment


Alloy Entertainment had a chance to catch up with Daniel Gillies to talk about The Originals Season 2 Finale.

Alloy Entertainment: It’s no secret that Elijah is head over heels for Hayley; he pretty much confessed his love for her right before her wedding to Jackson. How will he be there for her now that her curse has been reactivated? This is going to somewhat hinder her ability to lead her pack and raise Hope the way that she wants to.

Daniel Gillies: I think you already know the answer to that question, Theodora: He’s never going to leave her. The truth is, on a scale of things, no one is viewing the return of Hayley’s curse as this grave and terrible predicament. There are larger issues to address, including figuring out how to defeat Dahlia and save his niece. However, naturally, [Elijah] is going to do everything in his power to support Hayley — to end that curse and find a remedy to obliterate it. That goes without saying. Unfortunately, the giant, black hurricane hovering above them right now is that he has to confront his brother about sacrificing the mother of child in the name of who knows what. He has real feelings for Hayley so he will help [her] through this ordeal.

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  1. I wAs hoping dahlia would die and that would end the curse. They probably won’t make it that easy. Look at #delena.

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