Originals Interview Roundup: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies Talk Tonight’s Finale!

From a Cradle to a Grave

We have interviews with Joseph Morgan, Michael Narducci and Daniel Gillies form various news outlets. Check out what both had to say about tonight’s finale! We will add more as they come in.

Joseph Morgan & EP, Michael Narducci talk the baby’s arrival with TV Guide:

How, if at all, will the birth of the baby change Klaus?

Michael Narducci: The birth of the child will humble Klaus, fill him with a newfound connection to his own family, and offer him a glimpse at the kind of unrequited love he’s longed for his entire life. At the same time, the child represents an incredible vulnerability, and Klaus will be shaken to his core by the threat his enemies pose to his child. 

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Daniel Gillies talks Hayley and Elijah with TV Line:

TVLINE | Elijah’s suits seem to have that regenerative power. He always looks great.

It’s funny, there are certain choices I like to make with Elijah because I feel there really is an amusing aesthetic you can keep with him. Like, I enjoy having him tear someone off a motorcycle that explodes with half of a ton of plastic — and he’s not unscathed, but his hair is relatively in place and his pocket handkerchief is immaculately placed.

TVLINE | I’m sure Hayley appreciates that. Can you preview the future of that relationship?

They’re sort of doomed, and I almost wonder if that’s what makes those two special. And the more she grows, the more humorous it becomes. We had to be really careful with some of those kisses. In trying to seize her in a passionate embrace, I had to make sure I wasn’t being comedic in terms of slamming into a nine month-old belly. We had to exercise due caution with the rampant sexual advances. … I love their chemistry and the complication of the relationship. You’ve got a 1,000-year-old vampire and a pregnant werewolf girl. It couldn’t get any more unique than that. And not only a pregnant werewolf, but a girl pregnant with his vampire brother’s child.

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Daniel Gillies on the season finale birth via Zap2It:

“It’s exactly what they didn’t want to happen,” star Daniel Gillies tells Zap2it. “Considering they were moving heaven and Earth in order to provide her some kind of refuge and sanctuary, it was almost prophetically written in stone that it was just going to be undone in the most unholy way.”

Put simply, Elijah is not in a good place right now. “This is the most beaten we’ve ever seen him, the most destroyed and devastated,” he says. “What they do fabulously in this show, I think, is there’s a beautiful harmony between the destruction we see physically and the emotional depreciation and onslaught. The more beat to s*** these guys become, basically, the more emotionally ravaged you’re gonna see them.”

The baby, though, is a hope of something better on the horizon — if only she can make it safely into the world. “Not to compare my life to this fantastical kingdom that is ‘The Originals,’ but in my own life I remember it almost felt like the baby was never going to come,” Gillies, who welcomed a daughter with his wife Rachael Leigh Cook in September 2013.

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Daniel Gillies previews the season finale with THR.

The fates of several characters rests on how this finale plays out. Without revealing too much, what does the world look like post-finale?

There are a lot of changes. (Laughs.) You can’t take a sledgehammer to a mirror and expect that to be one piece, I’ll just say that. It’s a very prety mirror but it’s also a gorgeous sledgehammer, and it’s a collision we’re all eager to watch. We’re watching the kingdom torn asunder.

What can we expect with Hayley and the baby, with the former currently under duress?

The baby is in the most important thing in their lives and there’s the fact that Hayley’s under direct threat is its own tragedy. It’s a frightening time and we’ve never seen the brothers so disempowered. Here’s hoping they can do something.

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Daniel Gillies on the show’s “Darth Vader” with EW:

And Elijah’s love of humanity is precisely what makes the potential return of Mikael a threat. “I think it’s too painful for Elijah to look at Mikael,” he said. “There are huge parallels between Mikael and Klaus, and it’s got to be a fearful thing to look at for Elijah. Forget about the abundant memories and pain that this creature brings back with him whenever he re-enters their lives, but also too just he symbolizes what Klaus could become without Elijah’s navigation and nurturing. I feel like he represents what they all could become if they were just creatures of vengeance. I think Elijah does believe that they can live with a degree of decency, and it might seem like a Don Quixote-like quest, he might be charging at windmills, but by the same token, I think that Elijah continues because he believes in some sort of hope for them and their family, that they can live with a kind of dignity. He’s digging around as deeply as he can for that. But that man, their father, he’s the Darth Vader of the piece.”

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Daniel Gillies Teases the Finale with Alloy Entertainment:

Alloy Entertainment: We hope that Elijah isn’t faced with a Sophie’s Choice dilemma either! That said, what do you reckon is Elijah’s breaking point, especially when it comes to Klaus? They’ve (somewhat) made amends and are getting along; but after last week’s bloodshed, is Elijah going to turn on his brother?

Daniel Gillies: He certainly will. [Pauses] It’s Theo, right? Oh, that’s so cute — I love that name. Well, Theo, I think naturally Elijah would blame Klaus. The whole mess is Klaus’s mess, to be honest. They’re living inside this labyrinth of his terror. His darkness, his impetuousness, his rage, and his insatiable quest for power have all culminated and created this dangerous maze. And, you know, [the brothers] are searching hopelessly for one another within the chaos that he’s built. [Elijah] is slowly, slowly inching his way towards [establishing] a kind of decency with Niklaus, and we’re seeing that on the show which I love. So there’s great clarity being achieve, but there’s no way that Elijah wouldn’t blame Klaus for most of what’s transpired. You know? He’ll never be able to forgive him if anything terrible happens to Hayley or the child.

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More Finale Teases from Daniel Gillies via Yahoo TV &  Huff Post TV! Including this exclusive new photo from  Yahoo TV.

via Yahoo TV:From a Cradle to a Grave

Elijah has threatened to kill Marcel himself if Klaus doesn’t. Is that an empty threat?

Absolutely not. I think Elijah is outraged. If anything threatens his family or the machinations of the Mikaelson empire, Elijah will seek to remove the threat.

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Via Huff Post TV:

I love that the collapse of The Other Side is being felt in both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals universes — as someone who is a fan of both shows, it’s very fun to watch. On The Originals, it has brought back Mikael Michaelson. Is he about to join the land of the living? How afraid should we be?

You’ll have to watch to find out! But he’s a real threat. My own father, he’s a sweet man. But fathers can be terrifying. I think for Klaus and Elijah it’s more psychological than anything else. They could probably physically take him.

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Via HitFix:

When this show began, I thought it was going to be about Marcel and Klaus duking it out. I never expected the witches and werewolves to become such valid adversaries. Has that surprised you as well? 

It certainly has. It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of the show, and constructing that threat is the tapestry you want to see created. Without great enemies, this show would be so boring. It’s like “The Avengers” without Robert Downey Jr. You need enemies, and you need people to be able to fall and break and die. The more indelible we made those creatures, the scarier the imagination came for their writers. They’re going to dream up new enemies for these guys, and we need it, because it’s not an interesting world without threat and adversity. It’s like a room full of Jedis and Han Solo. There’s something so boring about absolute power and absolute control. It’s nice to know they have an Achilles heel. And this race for power did surprise me. No one could have anticipated it.

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