Danielle Campbell Talks Tonight’s HUGE Twist via E!Online

The Casket Girls

Danielle Campbell teases tonight’s episode in this interview E!Online. Check out what she had to say about tonight’s HUGE twist and facing off with Klaus.

“You see her very devastated and heartbroken. Klaus has now killed the one person that made her feel normal and the one person that she really cared about, so you see her angry,” Campbell previews. “She’s really mad, but you also see a huge twist, a huge turn of events that happens between all the characters and it’s something that no one’s going to expect.”

That “huge turn of events” could possibly have a positive impact on Davina’s relationship with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), the vamp who saved her from the Harvest, but also used her to cement his status as King of the French Quarter. “She’s just furious with him. She’s hurt, she’s still mad, but with this huge turn of events that’s going to happen, you see them start to mend that friendship and really start to see how much they both care about each other,” Campbell teases.

Read more of the interview over at E!Online


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